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  1. Stoagie

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    Doom 3 Guy. You know, the only Doom Guy who wasn't a suit of armor or a face.
  2. Hope that's true, would love to be in Decino's next sesh
  3. Stoagie


    So will they be released at 12 a.m.? or later on tommorow
  4. That's cool, take your time dude.
  5. Stoagie


    Not bad for a first
  6. Stoagie

    What is your favourite DOOM mod or wad?

    Favorite wad? EQUINOX
  7. levels are pretty big, but with alot to see and do, gives me 'Knee Deep In Dead' vibes. Pretty good stuff
  8. Hello? Is this dead? Because I would very much like to do my take on a wad for Chex Quest, might call it 'Thy Chex Consumed' if that's alright, since nobody made it.
  9. Stoagie

    Doom QUIZ in PL

    wait a minute..doesn't the number of lost souls a Pain Elemental releases after death depend on the size of the area it dies in? also added "What does the Icon of Sin say to the player backwards?" I know, sorta easy.
  10. Stoagie


    Nut up or shut up, prove me wrong and be #1 this year and next.
  11. this is my kind of wad. the aesthetic is beautiful, and the levels are pretty fun and chill (especially the first map, favorite one) Nice work.
  12. Stoagie

    What should I call this map?

    the pipeline
  13. Stoagie

    need a lot of wad recommendations

    also, check out the cacowards and the top 100 most memorable maps list for more wads https://www.doomworld.com/25years/top-100-memorable-maps/ https://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/
  14. Stoagie

    need a lot of wad recommendations

    I recommend Equinox if you haven't played it yet.