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Status Updates posted by DaniJ

  1. For the first time in weeks I got back to working on jDRP 1.1 today:)

    Most of what I've been doing today is refining the new detail textures and creating new lightmaps for the various lamps etc but I also finished up a couple of the decor items.
    This is the near final Head on a Stick

    Just a few seams to fix, a global lighting pass and alpha chanel creation for the gore at the base and its done.

    It should give you a very good indication of the quality I'm aiming for with jDRP1.1

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    2. Relica Religia

      Relica Religia

      Thanks Dani, always glad to assist.

    3. Sporku


      You should get a job doing this kind of stuff. You've got some talent with the modelling, and the skinning. And to think all of these models are MD2 format (unless of course JDoom adopted some new model format without me noticing)..

    4. DaniJ


      No it's still crappy MD2. I REALLY can't wait for a new model format.

      Thanks, I actually did an art test for a known UK developer last month which they approved. They turned me down though based on me having zero previous experience and no qualifications at all in the field.

      What I need to do is build up a portfolio of personal and mod work...

  2. The good news is that I've decided to take the skins to a whole new level of detail:

    I know your probably sick of pics of the Imp but I'm definetly keeping the others underwraps till launch (and you'll be able to compare it).
    The bad news is that it's going to take a little while longer while I do it. All that detail is painted by hand on my trusty Trust tablet :D

    Unfortunetly it does take quite a while to do as I'm still new to this.

    We arn't talking months I'll say that now. Most likely I'll have them all done in around 4-5 weeks tops.

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    2. Relica Religia

      Relica Religia

      Simply wow. Unbelievable.

      IS that the same base model (ie. same amount of polys)?

    3. DaniJ


      Same as what model?

      It's a totally new model made from scratch. I didn't even use the old one for reference.

      If you mean if it's the same as the model in the promo image - yes. I've added 40 extra polys though since then so that it now deforms without any stretching at all. So that brings the poly count to just over 700. Which is 60 or so more than the original Team SOG model.

      Have you seen the abomination of a HUD Chainsaw they made? Believe it or not but that thing has 1024 polys (how they managed to do that on such a crap model I'll never know).

    4. Relica Religia

      Relica Religia

      Yeah, I knew that was a little too good to be the original 1.0 model. Good stuff.

      No way - that chainsaw was horrible. I hope you right that wrong.

  3. jDoom Resource Pack (jDRP) v 1.1

    The latest version of the jDRP (formerly the jDoom ModelPack) features a ton of new models, skins, particle fx and other graphical fx to enhance the jDoom experience like never before.

    I've spent a HUGE amount of time on this pack in making it as faithfull to Doom as possible with models that actually look like the original Doom sprites.

    Look out for it soon.

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    2. Grazza


      I find it OK with the current models (Cheb's) - and my video card may have been a beast when it was new, but that's two years ago. (Well OK, map24 gets kind of choppy.)

      I singled out map23 because there's a crapload of imps at the start (several craploads, in fact) so it would be a good test of how many of your imp models you could have on-screen without slow-down.

    3. DaniJ


      Heh. Well I've never actually gotten that far in HR I just assumed that there was around 1000 monsters in view or something.

      I'm downloading it again now and I'll check properly. Sorry.

    4. DaniJ


      Not bad actually. I had 23 on screen and averaged around 70 fps ( Gainward FX5700 Ultra GS 128mb, 1gig ram, 2.2ghz cpu). With all the lighting, fakeradio and particle fx turned on.