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  1. jDoom Resource Pack (jDRP) v 1.1

    The latest version of the jDRP (formerly the jDoom ModelPack) features a ton of new models, skins, particle fx and other graphical fx to enhance the jDoom experience like never before.

    I've spent a HUGE amount of time on this pack in making it as faithfull to Doom as possible with models that actually look like the original Doom sprites.

    Look out for it soon.

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    2. Grazza


      I find it OK with the current models (Cheb's) - and my video card may have been a beast when it was new, but that's two years ago. (Well OK, map24 gets kind of choppy.)

      I singled out map23 because there's a crapload of imps at the start (several craploads, in fact) so it would be a good test of how many of your imp models you could have on-screen without slow-down.

    3. DaniJ


      Heh. Well I've never actually gotten that far in HR I just assumed that there was around 1000 monsters in view or something.

      I'm downloading it again now and I'll check properly. Sorry.

    4. DaniJ


      Not bad actually. I had 23 on screen and averaged around 70 fps ( Gainward FX5700 Ultra GS 128mb, 1gig ram, 2.2ghz cpu). With all the lighting, fakeradio and particle fx turned on.