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  1. jDoom Resource Pack (jDRP) v 1.1

    The latest version of the jDRP (formerly the jDoom ModelPack) features a ton of new models, skins, particle fx and other graphical fx to enhance the jDoom experience like never before.

    I've spent a HUGE amount of time on this pack in making it as faithfull to Doom as possible with models that actually look like the original Doom sprites.

    Look out for it soon.

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    2. DaniJ


      It's 670 polys.

      The death sequence model is 720 and the corpse is 580.

      I want as many of them on-screen as possible without slow down.

    3. Grazza


      So what sort of framerate do you get at the start of HR map23 with that model?

    4. DaniJ


      results posted further down

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