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  1. Holy .... these screenshots https://www.want.nl/topgames-2020-doom-eternal/ so that giant battle mech now seems to me to be like a doomslayers personal power rangers style battle mech. And that white maykr is indeed possibly friendly. Remember we never actually see khan maykr with the 'friendly sentinels', trailers juxtapose and mislead a lot.
  2. So many things driving me crazy (1) When the 'evil night sentinels' are approaching in on the Slayer, there seems to be the dead 'red hooded figure' (Seraphim?) at his feet (who we thought was his friend?) and the SLayer is holding .... a Soul CUbe? Unless that is not the seraphim and it is ... deag grav. (2) The 3 maykrs in that popular concept, outside of the khan maykr, are still nowhere to be seen. We have seen in the MP trailer there are spawnable maykr drones. I wonder if those 3 are not leader maykrs but maykr types / castes we will have to fight in Urdak? (3) Too many voices in the trailer. Who is helping and hindering the slayer ? At this point there are so many different voices it is crazy. (4) That giant titan being impaled by the ... sentinel titan / robot? Wow. Reminds me of that picture with the Doom slayer's army full of dragons, sentinels and what looks like Titans in armor on the slayer's side. And some other priest type figure next to the Slayer with a scroll. Which makes me think ... maybe the Slayer is really mute and he can only write and have it read by someone else for him, when addressing his people / army. Interesting. (5) That giant hovering hand ... Icon of Sin HYPE?!? (6) Still confused over who the Seraphim (emphasis on the word being the plural for Seraph, so it may not refer to that red hooded figure at all), Wretch, Betrayer and his son (who may or may not be the Icon of Sin, the wording in the codex is still vague and open to interpretation) are, even at this point. And that 'King' of Argent d'Nur or Sentinel Prime ... is he still alive or is that a holographic projection of him? In short, this game is awesome, at least lore wise. Interesting story unfolding. Lots of characters and a deep history, with lots of questions as a result.
  3. Urdak5891

    The Game Awards 2019 Trailer

    That voice saying 'we' sounds new now, don't think its the wretch/seraphim here, maybe the good maykrs. The staff holding one maybe.
  4. Urdak5891

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    OK good to know, thankyou.
  5. Urdak5891

    Eternal Quotes

    Adversity defines you
  6. Urdak5891

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    And here I was thinking it was the same voice, wow that's cool. I wonder who the infamous original "rip and tear" person in d16 is, Im dying to find out!
  7. Urdak5891

    Doom Eternal Sneak Peek

    Very disappointing 'sneak peek'
  8. Urdak5891

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    Thats good information. Iirc, in the codex it says the praetor suit was given to him by the wretch and the seraphim bestowed him with superhuman strength and speed/agility. So they must be separate. What i learnt though is that Seraphim is plural, so this may be a leader Seraph who controls his own legion/army, like you say
  9. Urdak5891

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    Well, I was thinking, it is good that you have ideas but setting them in stone is not always good. I did that with Diablo 3 and the endgame story was very simplified and quite frankly, rubbish. We are now assuming he has wings underneath that red robe, and assuming he is the seraphim. No one at id has said he is anyway, this is our internal speculation. OK crimson is 'fiery' in color, but it isn't literally fire. And also, doom mythos may not necessarily follow Western / Eastern / Christian religions and theologies. There are so many characters and entities in this game now. There are those 3 cultists, these 3 maykrs and the khan maykrs and various maykr types like drones. Then there is a picture of doomslayer with an army of sentinels, dragons, mechanoid giants and what seems like another cultist / priest dude next to him with a scroll. There is a titan ingame and possibly another one (or same one) that is marauding in the streets of Earth in the trailer. There are 'priests', those ?fallen angel? like creatures. And then there is Deag grav and the priests that are mentioned in different sections as either demon priests, dark priests or hell priests. There is that prophecy that states that some dark priest is to be corrupted by the crucible and become some monster. There is Hayden, the Icon of Sin, and the Dark Lord. The Wretch. The Betrayer. And there are Angels in Heaven that is to be separate from Urdak, even though Urdak seems very close to what a Heaven in Doom would look like. So it wouldn't surprise me that the guy in question may be someone entirely different than the Seraph, who is probably another word for the Angels as you said. The only guy so far who speculated on him being the Seraphim in his video *which I now learnt is plural* (which is important as in the ingame files we only get this name, not the singular Seraph) was a famous YTer whose name I forgot (sorry man) who makes regular Doom Eternal videos, speculating on lore and such. But it is in no way official. In short, I think the 'robed figure' is not a Seraph at all. He looks like a dark / hell priest tbh .... Wretch / Betrayer? I think he is the one narrating with the rip and tear voice too. Not the demon voice which may be the Dark lord or IOS
  10. Urdak5891

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    I see, gotcha brother. Good to know. Nice information. So we have seraphs, maykrs and angels
  11. Urdak5891

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    (3) is a very good point, it could very well be. So then again, the 'angels' could be a subspecies/genus of the maykrs, making them still maykrs. I don't know why, just call it a hunch or something, I really don't see maykrs and angels being separate in the DE universe, especially since there already is that red robed guy, who is most likely the wretch and the seraphim (although seraphim is also technically another word for angel and it is also, iirc, both singular and plural, making the whole ordeal way more confusing than it already is!). (1) at least confirms that we're not sure if the angels are separate from the maykrs, or not. And (2) could very well be an extension of the idea of (3) that Khan is an 'absolute' maykr 'god' and that underneath him are other 'head maykrs' (most likely those 3) to which the angels belongs to at least one faction (I think the one in that 'incubation chamber' - the one with the spear. He seems to be the least 'evil' looking of those 3, and is also the one who appears on the busts that the slayer smashes to get health and powerups). The crucible maykr could be the architect of hell, and the one with the sphere? Is it a soul cube? Hmmm. But he also seems to have a demonic grin on him. I also have an alternate idea that those 3 maykrs combine to make the Khan Maykr in the end of DE, but of course I could be wrong. Just my speculation, no official sources. I really love the way they are expanding the lore, some people hate it but you cannot please everyone all the time.
  12. Nice theory brother :) I think those 3 maykrs will merge into the Khan maykr.
  13. Urdak5891

    Urdak, home world of the Maykrs

    Hi there :) Can you please link the interview? And did he specifically say ''God and classical angels, not just maykrs'' or he said it without mentioning Maykrs? They could be the same, I mean I really cannot see Khan Maykr with wings looking so much like their representation of an angel, and then other angelic beings. Urdak even has a halo on top of it. Also, the similarities between khan maykr and the 'angel' in the Gift of argent power lithograph are more striking than the differences, down to the centre section in the chest and the design of the robes. As for the face and wings being different ( (the face only slightly so imo), it could have been an older piece of artwork or concept. And sometimes you can have multiple visual representations of the same character in games too, with slight differences. For example mephisto, baal and diablo in the diablo series. Like others have said, A god and the god are different too.