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  1. small test of the menu episode for the future of TC Remastered EX+ I thank Gibbon for restoring the episode menu and telling me how to do it ! so for future TC Remastered EX+ updates, the hub will be removed when a new campaign is available, but the hub will still be available for the version port Remastered
  2. Hi all ! I announce that the first version of DOOM 64 Absolution TC Remastered EX+ is now available ! Back in 2003, Kaiser and friends brought Doom 64 to the PC for the first time with the Absolution TC project. It came with brand new levels, additions to existing levels, and new enemies too! The years have not been kind to the engine, but me has rebuilt the Absolution TC with a custom fork of EX+. You can replay the Absolution TC in its full glory, with the additional levels and enemies included, now with the accuracy to Doom 64 the original team wished they had! I thank @Immorpher and @Jetx_121 for the realization of this beautiful poster for TC Remastered ! a big thank you to Kovic, Gibbon for helping me a lot to modify the source code of DOOM64 without them it would not have been possible to do this project. download the here https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-64-absolution-tc-remastered/downloads/doom-64-absolution-tc-remastered-ex-v10 FOR INSTALLATION just click on DOOM64EX+.exe to launch TC Remastered don't worry everything is provided. I hope that pleases you ! I will update the version Port Remastered later with all the changes I made on some maps.
  3. I have very bad news for TC Remastered EX+ Regarding the new weapon animations, the super shotgun and the shotgun have a sound problem, their fire sound cuts out randomly, it does not happen all the time, it is very rare, and I've been trying to fix it for weeks and I haven't found any solution for the fix, so I decided to make two versions, a version with the vanilla weapon animations and a version with the new weapon animations with the sound bug, I'm really sorry for this sound bug but it's impossible to fix it.
  4. always more of TC Remastered EX+ !
  5. here's a taste of the port TC Remastered EX+
  6. here is a demonstration of the sprite rework of Hell Knight and Baron now his mouth has been reworked, the color of the eyes and the aura of the hands are clearer, for a more realistic visual.
  7. Yes indeed I think it suits him well with a mouth, it makes the visual side more realistic for D64 ^^
  8. hey all ! as far as the TC Remastered EX+ version is concerned, she it is progressing well here is a small demonstration video of the imp sprite rework now the imp has a mouth for the more realistic visual side, and this sprite will be 100% compatible for the port Remastered !
  9. @Immorpher yes by modifying the source code of DOOM 64 EX you can do what you want, put custom monsters or new weapons ect (as I do for my project TC Remastered EX ) the source code of the port Remastered is closed you cannot modify it but modify the source code of DOOM 64 EX it's very hard to understand it's hard coded
  10. styd051


    currently I've only done that for the moment for this fun level that I'm preparing @LadyMistDragon
  11. I think Molecico planned to put it
  12. styd051


    I just checked in DOOM 64 the slots of the map 25, 26 and 27 these are the 3 fun maps, so I'm going to take slot 27 since it's a fun level
  13. styd051


    oh i see you wanna do like the main campaign of DOOM64, map01 until map28 which is the final map, so I make a Fun Map, I take slot 29, is 29 good for a Fun Map ???