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  1. Kain-

    Nightmare : Why it was NEVER meant to be played

    I Platinumed Doom 1 and Doom 2. Both required to beat the game on Nightmare. Doom 1 wasn't that hard, but Doom 2... Jesus Christ does it test your patience... Anyone who has attempted to get the Plat Trophy in Doom 2 will get a shiver down their spine when they hear The Walking End
  2. Kain-

    Savestate Problems with GZDOOM

    i was told to just highlight the wad i wanted to play, the mod and drag it onto gzdoom and no i dont use any other mods
  3. Kain-

    Savestate Problems with GZDOOM

    i was using smooth doom, tried reloaden with and without it but both dont work
  4. Kain-

    Savestate Problems with GZDOOM

    i hope i did this right save4.rar CrashReport.zip
  5. Kain-

    Savestate Problems with GZDOOM

    g4.2.4 and i get this message
  6. I'm new to DOOM and its source ports. I downloaded gzdoom to play Eviternity and had a fun time with it. I was a few episodes in an wanted to take a break, so i saved and exited the game. Saving mid game and loading midgame worked without any problems, but loading after rebooting doom does not work because the save file is corrupted. I did not change any settings, does anyone else have this problem and managed to fix it, if yes then help a brother out :I
  7. i've got great news ! after what seemed to be an eternity, i grew a pair and accepted the fact that startung mission 29 with a pistol only is almost impossible. so i went and did mission 27 and 28 before approaching m29 and to my surprise.. those levels are totally easy and basicly give free ammo and all weapons. m27 can be tricky since you need to be quick, but mission 28 is a joke. countless times i ran through 28 without taking any damage whatsoever. plus you always start m29 with full bfg ammo, around 80 rockets and full hp and shield (200%) after around 40 to 50 m29 runs with power ups i was able to beat mission 29 wich rewarded me with the platinum trophy i longed for and a big smile of happyness and relief. this was a tough journey starting with me blindly chasing my ambitions only to later fall into deep hopelessness. i must thank everyone that told me this is a hard task and a task i must overcome on my own. you made me realize that it was not mission 29 holding me back, it had been me from the very moment i started m29. If any of you here are on the same wicked path i once was then please , dont give up. do yourself a favor and start from m27. here is the run that would finally let me sleep in peace starts at 1:28:50 ps: m29 made me hate cacodemons more than chaingunners wow
  8. actually you keep everything after completing a map, so in theory i could do m27,28 and then m29 but surviving both maps, getting all weapons and ammo i need and arrive full shielded and with full hp in m29 seems impossible for me i will keep on trying tomorrow for atleast 5+ hours, if i don't manage to destroy my controller that is :) something i found 10:06 at 10:06 in Loopers tas speedrun he just flies to the exit area can someone explain this?
  9. you cant create savestates in nightmare on console, i start with pistol only. he farthest i could make was in the room up above with cacodemons, pain elementals and a mancubus to top it off
  10. noone here to lend a broken man a hand ?
  11. Kain-

    What is something about doom that you absolutely hate?

    Infinite Hight+Cacodemons Combo and Chaingunners for me
  12. Guys This level has left my soul in fragments. I'm going for the Doom 2 Platinum Trophy and this is the last level i need to complete but its just ridiculously hard in comparison to the other levels. i heard starting from map 27 and powering up is a good way to finish map29 but knowing me i would somehow fall off a platform and somehow die afterwards... is there a more convinient, less stressful aproach to this level? i searched for any major bugs or glitches to cheese the level but i found alslmost nothing.. only thing i found was the TAS Coop run of ZeroMaster where he just somehow excelerated across the map, finishing it in mere seconds. i play solo btw so unless my mother learns how to play doom i'm out of luck ... help