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  1. Oftentimes I am forced to work by the computer for hours and it's not only because of Doom. I have so many assignments sometimes I find it hard to go out to party.. but anyway, usually playing Doom or working on something, in a dark room makes, my eyes hurt :( I can't work in a room that is too bright because stuff I often work on is dark and moody (KDIZD maps, Outcast textures). What should I do?
    Yep, I wear the damn telescope >:(

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    2. DoomDan


      Nmn said:

      My record was 25 hours. From 6 AM on Saturday to 8 AM next day. I was downloading some large program while still being a dial-up. Not to mention I was mapping some stuff for Quake3. After that I almost slept the whole next day, woke up for the bathroom and slept next 10 hours :]

      Heh, Sleeping rules.If it werent for school I'll sleep forever.

      And I have to wear Glasses due to my poor vision.

    3. Sporku


      I don't have glasses, but I very badly need them. If I sit more than a foot away from something it suddenly becomes a blur. My bad vision can most-likely be blamed on my countless hours spent on the computer as well.

    4. Coopersville


      What should I do?

      You can start by changing to the white forum skin.

      ... I'm assume DM has a white skin.