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  1. I'm such a dumbass.
    My friends (bucket of sarcasm please) called me and told me I won a trip in some comptetition. Believe it or not I actually am such a daydreamer I believed in that shit. Argh! The next day my friends told me it was a fucking joke, but the way they told me that was just evil. Instead of laughing at me or something (I would accept that and call them fucking arseholes) one girl who was involved in that stuff actually told me that was a joke, the one I was suppose to go on that trip. Fucking hell! Meaning they must really treat me like garbage that they've left me with this shit to still believe in it... and I tought they were my friends.
    Never before was I THIS pissed at them. Oh yeah, and there was this *mysterious girl* who used to call me. Now I DO believe it was those fuckups. No, I can't take a joke and Yes, I am pissed. Blood shall spill ;)

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      Woah! Cool comic, I mean it o_0 masterpiece of art.

      Yeah and Scuba can't draw.

      Anyway, I grabbed a beer and forgot. Closing until becomes spammed. Now that's HEH. :]