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  1. The_Tonx

    Which to upgrade...

  2. The_Tonx

    Which to upgrade...

    Of course 9800 PRO 256 MB would be better, but it's also a lot more expensive. Still, your 9600 SE, 256 MB or not, is a lot slower than 9800 PRO 128 MB.
  3. The_Tonx

    Which to upgrade...

    9800 pro 128 mb is pretty cheap already and is much faster than your 9600 se
  4. The_Tonx

    Hell Knight "slime" ???

    Are you kidding?
  5. The_Tonx

    What Do You Recommend?

    UV: I have Palomino -- hottest Athlon core available? -- and it never got overheated. I could even OC it little (from 2000+ to 2400+). I used ThermalTake's Volcano 7+, a damn noisy cooler that I replaced with Spire WhisperRock IV :)
  6. The_Tonx

    Doom3 on DVD?

    DOOM III alpha is about 1.1G DOOM III beta 1 anyone ? DOOM III beta 2 is about 1.3G I guess the final could go about 2 - 2.5G... or not
  7. The_Tonx

    9800XT and GeForceFX 5950 ultra

    At first, I would like to say that I am NOT an ATI fanboy. I buy whatever is better. Some years ago it was nVidia, when ATI released R300, it was ATI. An I got that same old R300. Soon I must make a decission like that too. About 9800 XT or 5950 Ultra prices, it seems that nVidia boards costs more here. Well, the things I said were based on all sorts of tests, yes. I was not trying to say that you're fool and don't know anything. I did't know how much you know and yor post simply had that "nVidia is better" smell and I was saying the things how I understood those things, yes I might be wrong. But obviously you know enough to recommend one or other. I simply had misunderstandings while looking VGA comparsions. But I still don't understand about those "restrictions". Current games todays mostly still ran better with ATI HW (according to those VGA tests). About PS / Cg, yes, you're right, but how many devs are going to write special Cg instead of generic PS code? Yes, all bigger titles are optimized for both, ATI and nVidia, but I assume I play more than just the biggest titles. Therefore I assume that ATI HW run better that nVidia's when speaking of future games. Or what did you mean?
  8. The_Tonx

    9800XT and GeForceFX 5950 ultra

    The Ultra version of the card is running on higher clock speeds and is therefore faster. There MAY be some other differences too, for example due higher clock speeds the VPU is heating much more and therefore needs better cooler and due higher DDR clock speeds the Ultra version MAY have some other memory. The Ultra MAY have more piplelines enabled too. I'm sorry, but I just don't know the specific difference of those models. If you're interested I could have a look. But in general, Ultra is faster. to auxois: nVidia performs better in future games? Where do you get this information? According to dozens of tests ATI hardware runs almost all games (that aren't optimized to run on nVidia board) better that nVidia without optimizations. So my guess is that that is vice verca. ATI worked very closelly with Microsoft to get the best DX9 support. But, as I've heard, nVidia is very good in OGL (not that ATI is bad). But face it. Most games are using DX over OGL. And future games are going to use DX9 and Pixel Shadering. PS is MUCH faster on ATI boards. No, I don't want to turn this thread into ATI vs nVidia fight, but if Torn is going to buy a VGA by juging your post then.. nVidia has good DX8 support, but DX9 support in pretty bad compared to ATI. In the other hand FX 5950 Ultra was the first nVidia board over a while that showed that nVidia isn't all the way behind. But 9800 XT still won the tests.
  9. The_Tonx

    DOOM 3 is "really close" says Carmack

    No, he didn't meant math co-processor. Current CPU's have math processor already integrated into the chip. That is why old 386 PC's needed special co-processor. 486 CPU's came already in 2 versions SX and DX (with integrated math processor). That is why you cannot play Quake with 486SX. Carmack meant muti-processored platforms. They are basically identical CPU's in one (multi socketed) MoBo working together.
  10. The_Tonx

    Framerate capped at 60fps

    Why everyone's talking about rendering engine cap? Carmack crearly stated that it affects ingame movement. This is not rendering engine! Or have you gone too offtopic?
  11. The_Tonx

    New Picture(?)

    It cannot be in-game screenshot from DOOM III because it's way more hi-poly model than used in game so it's somesort of early hi-poly model for showing new monsters or just fake :/
  12. The_Tonx

    Just rate the game already...

    wasn't nVidia going to give DOOM III with their VGAs? If so then are they going to ask your age when you want to buy a VGA too? :p
  13. The_Tonx

    Doom III Won't be on DVD

    Sorry, my mistake.. But wouldn't it be cool if DOOM III would come in 900-floppy edition? :p
  14. The_Tonx

    Doom III Won't be on DVD

    Except there are at least 451 floppies per one CD. And, like most games, if it is on 2 CD's, it makes over 900 floppies.. More than 900 floppies or 2 CDs, makes a hell of a difference to me :p
  15. I'm actually calling it the Tomato.