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  1. Yugiboy back with another banger! :-) This looks dope af, love the blood red sky and the catacombs filled with skeletons - very gothic, very spooky! Keen as to give this a go when I've got a spare evening.
  2. Fabricator

    How Do You Name Your Game Saves?

    These are the weird, oddly specific threads that I love seeing on community forums, hahaha! :-) When I actually remember to save my progress, I tend to go with the WAD name and then the map name but remove all of the vowels for some reason, lol! For instance; "Heartland's Map01 - Subway Sandwich" becomes "Hrtlnd: Sbwy Sndwch" In situations where the save name is too long to fit, my backup is just to go the WAD name and the map number but don't bother cutting all the vowels this time. So "Heartland's Map02 - Bruce R. & Son Construction Co." becomes "Heartland: Map02" If I'm running two saves on the same map for whatever reason I'll just pop a roman numeral at the end of the save name (II, III IV, V, etc). Super interesting to read all of the varied approaches for such a by-the-numbers feature of the game! The brain sure makes people come up with some pretty idiosyncratic ideas and methods!
  3. Welp... I know what I'm playing after work this evening! Hahaha! Screenies look cool. I really dug your past couple of maps, so if they're anything to go by these two will be dope as well! Your stuff strikes that nice Build-esque balance of fun gameplay with slick aesthetics which is totally my jam. :) Slime City seems like a spiritual successor to Old Bean Factory and the concept of being shrunk down in Doomguy's PC for Hotfix93 (love the name) is such a rad concept, haha! I don't even mind if they're on the cruisier side - sometimes it's nice to just marinate in the atmosphere of the map and just have fun blastin' away! Cheers for sharing and I hope to see more stuff from you (a multi-map set would be awesome in your style) even if you are super busy atm!
  4. 3 Gifty drops in the same day? 2023 has only just begun and we're already eatin' real good! Very keen to finally give this set a blast thru! :)
  5. Dude, this map was an absolute banger! :) Played via DOOM Retro for that chunky, vanilla-esque aesthetic and ran into no issues that I could see. Solid dungeon crawler vibes, ample use of doomcute / Build engine psuedo-realism and dripping (literally in some areas, hahaha) with atmosphere. Not the hardest map in the world but there are a few spicy encounters that will challenge unaware players or players doing challenge runs (keyboard only, no power weapons, etc.) but I have the feeling this was never meant to be an absolute ball buster! The waterlogged yellow-key cavern with the lily pads, hidden demon crevices and lonely withered tree was my favourite area of the map, I spent a good 5-10 minutes just vibing there after the monster ambush, haha! If this is a teaser / stand-alone map for an upcoming episode, I'm very keen to dive into that set when you eventually drop it!
  6. So cool to finally see this project get an actual release, thought this was vaporware for sure ;) Huge congrats to the team on this one! I remember being obsessed with the og KDiZD back in the day and still have a soft spot for all of the tacky ZDoom feature abuse and late-00s overdetailing. Was certainly an iconic era of Doom and editing for sure! Very keen to play thru this one and am looking forward to seeing all of the black magick and engine tricks that were used to get this playing nice in vanilla! And seeing as no-one seems to have brought it up yet… TSotSoZD when??? jk ;P Hahaha!
  7. Fabricator

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @kwcgetting major Build engine vibes from these Slime City screenies! :) I dug The Old Bean Factory so I'm keen as to see what you cook up with this set you're workin' on!
  8. mouldy's back?!?! o_O Oh, hell yeah - what an unexpected but welcome surprise! The Eye and Going Down are certified Doom classics, so I'm very much looking forward to giving this a go after work! :) - - - - - - EDIT: Right - so blasted thru the whole set on HMP and had a ton of fun! Gave me some major Duke: Caribbean vibes. The whole set is awesome but I liked Map01 and Map03 the best - something about boat / sub maps just hits right, hahaha! The map name puns are fantastic! Absolutely loved the trademark mouldy Chaotic Evil style gameplay, tasteful Boom-feature usage, and of course, ample use of Doomcute - the sinking ship / man overboard at the start of Map02 gave me a good chuckle, haha! Also loved the way you can look thru the submerged control room windows and the rocket conveyor belt on Map03, as well as the inverted ground sky in the demonic sigil realm on Map06. Shoutouts to the surfing imp as well! \m/ Thanks so much for this out-of-the-blue mapset and all of the fun! Fingers crossed this means we can expect more minisodes / maps from you again in the future. :) Gonna have to go thru again on UV sometime and give the NG+ remixes a go too!
  9. Little bit late to the v2.9 party, but have been enjoying my time spent with this update over the weekend. Blasted thru some select Vanguard, Dimension of the BOOMed, Running Late 2, UAC Ultra, Auger;Zenith, and of course, Paradise maps over the weekend and had a ton of fun as usual! :) Really diggin' the new gothic shotgun skins, as well as all of the other cosmetic changes (health + ammo pickups etc.) that are new since last time - really goes the extra mile in making this feel like it's own beast rather than "just a Doom mod" if that makes sense, hahaha! Can we expect your upcoming Supercharge mapset to drop sometime this year or are we looking forward to a 2023 release?
  10. Heartland is 100% worth the price of admission alone imo! Mordeth is probably the other most infamous (although unreleased!) Eternity project... But tbh outside of Heartland and the Vaporware Demo I'm not really aware of any modern-ish mapsets that specifically require Eternity. Your best bet would be to browse the Eternity sub-forum here and cross your fingers, hahaha! Even if you do go to the effort of dl'ing and setting up Eternity it's worth it as you can play all your fave Vanilla and Boom stuff in it anyway! :)
  11. Eternity as my primary / "pure", with GZDoom as my secondary / "modern" - I tend to find that these two ports can cover all of my dooming needs, being able to handle most maps and mods I throw at 'em. :) Although I do wish there were more mapsets that showed off Eternity's feature set, this port is criminally under-rated imo, haha! Fingers crossed Heartland and MBF21 gets people inspired!
  12. Fabricator

    The Old Bean Factory

    Saw the Dean himself give this map a quick review on his most recent (at time of this post anyway, hahaha) "Sawed-Off WADs #2" video - after seeing it briefly in action, I knew that I had to give it a go! Dunno how I missed this one during my regular forum browsing, haha. I primarily associate you with texture posting and being a regular in the editing section of the forums, so I was surprised to hear that this was your second published map! The Old Bean Factory was awesome - I really dug the build-esque style of the map with quasi-realistic environments, ample use of Doomcute (always a massive plus in my books) and really creative secrets (thoughts on those in the spoiler). Solid 30mins of dooming action, my only real "complaint" would be that it was a touch too easy, but then again not every map needs to be a ball-buster and I get the feeling this wasn't supposed to be a difficult slog! Really keen to see more of your mapping efforts in the future, if TOBF is any indication your brand of mapping will be right up my alley - time to go play Cuneiform Crunch now!
  13. Fabricator

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Very cool! Loving the sound of this. Dig the episodic approach too - especially for D2. Feel like it's still a touch underrated, sure we see small mapsets pretty consistently by a team, but a full episode by a solo mapper just hits different. Without waxing poetic too much feels more curated, more of a deep dive inside the authors head, hahaha! Consider me interested for a private tester role if you're still on the lookout for pre-release eyes on this thing. :)
  14. Fabricator

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    @Big Ol Billy dude, these UAC "Tex-base" episode screenies look mental - absolutely diggin' that crunchy vanilla aesthetic! Custom assets look sick, that soul tree with the hanging skulls is metal af, hahaha, and that green box-art style imp is rad too! Very keen to give this a play when it drops, is it gonna be for Doom 1 or Doom 2? :)