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  1. Fabricator

    The Long Trek Back Home [Doom2 vanilla megawad] released

    Damn, this is a super cool concept, very original! A lot of levels that I'm keen to see how they've been given this "trek home" treatment, curious to see what you've cooked up with the secret levels too! Screenies look dope, got that classic id / 90s clean aesthetic. I'm keen as to give this a go when it finally drops! :)
  2. So this is kinda like a "post your vanilla+ set-ups" question? :) I like to roll with Dead Marine as a base and load Precise Crosshair, DamNums, MetaProps, Fancy World, Weapon Sway, Mirrored Deaths, Hellscape Navigator and Graveyard on top of that. Doesn't touch gameplay (with the exception of the Nightmare skill in Dead Marine!) and adds some visual / audio flair that doesn't deviate from the old school id feeling, at least in my opinion anyway, hahaha! Corruption Cards is also awesome but does deviate a bit from the vanilla feeling, kinda adds a roguelite element to the game, which makes replaying maps super fun!
  3. Fabricator

    What are some sleeper wads?

    A heap of dope recommendations in this thread, added some slick stuff to the ever-growing backlog for sure! Haha! For Doom, the Return to Hadron series (and spiritual fourth episode) are great fun! On the Doom 2 front, Arrival, Demonic Deviation, Hell for Leather and the up-coming Hell on Earth Shareware mini-sode (dunno if it counts as it technically ain't out yet! Hahaha!) are very solid picks! Pretty sure these haven't been mentioned (at least in this thread!) so far. All vanilla style goodness too, so smash thru 'em with some mods on the second and third go around! :)
  4. Fabricator

    How do you find inspiration for your maps?

    Playing maps I dig or from authors I like, drawing inspiration from other games, trying to replicate specific moods / feelings from books / tv / movies / photos / music and riffing off IRL structures or places as visual inspiration are the main ways in which I get the creative mapping juices flowing! The current trend of Twitter "insert-particular-game aesthetic-here" accounts is also pretty handy, haha! Recently I've been getting stuck into the The Joy of Mapping and Quake Mapping discord servers, as they tend to be good spaces for mapping discourse and idea brainstorming, alot of the WIP map shots in these servers are really neat, the pinned Doom Pictures 2021 thread scratches this itch too! I usually find if I'm still stuck in a creative rut even after utilising all of these sources, that working out and exercising can push thru that feeling of mapper's block! :)
  5. Sounds like @Firedust was just pullin' ya leg @Deadwing, don't think he was bein' nasty or anything, hahaha! Really enjoyed my time with both Moonblood and Exomoon, so I'm definitely lookin' forward to blastin' thru Ozonia when you finally drop it! :) Screenies look dope!
  6. Fabricator

    Good weapon mods?

    A ton of sick suggestions here already, I can echo Final Doomer and DoomRL Arsenal as super fun, with tons of replay value, what I would broadly label as "lore friendly" additions if that makes sense? If you're into more vanilla+ style stuff Dead Marine, Beautiful Doom and Faspons are pretty slick, and I don't think anyone has brought 'em up in this thread yet, haha! I've also been getting pretty stuck into Supercharge of late as well, which is more of a gameplay mod than a strictly weapons only mod, designed for its own unique Paradise set of levels, but also plays real nice with most other popular mapsets I've thrown at it, haha! Hopefully that gives you a decent starting point! :) EDIT: While not strictly a weapons only mod more of a full blown gameplay mod, Corruption Cards is a rippa of a time, adds a ton of replayability to the game and is compatible with a heap of weapon / monster mods!
  7. Fabricator

    Is it worth reading the Doom novels?

    Echoing some of the same comments already mentioned, although it's been a minute since I've read 'em, I do recall the first 2 novels sticking closer to the game story / lore and being pretty decent, good cheesy fun that you can smash thru over the course of a lazy afternoon, haha! The third and fourth do deviate from the Doom feel a bit, but are sorta charming in a bad fanfic kinda way, hahaha! Doesn't really help with your assessment at all, but if you want some solid Doom reading of an un-official variety, @Impie's three-part "The Plutonia Experiment" series is a real good time as well!
  8. Fabricator

    Paradise [v2.1 multiplayer release || 10/11/2020]

    @Tango cheers so much again man, really appreciate all this messin' around, hahaha! :) I've given it a solid go with this new method you've provided, played the remainder of the set and jumped into some random bonus maps on UV-rando and had absolutely no gameplay issues as far as I could tell! All of the new additions since SC v2.6 (iirc that's the latest version packaged with Paradise?) were showing up and small ammo pickups were workin' fine. I did notice some graphical glitches involving the health / armour / ammo numbers on the regular split hud, but I think it's just down to the Paradise font having weird offsets? Again, just purely graphical so no real biggie in the grand scheme of things! Also... remember that aforementioned "spud brain" of mine? I'm pretty certain that the rare texture issues I was having were from me initially running the set after the first edit with DOOM.wad, rather than DOOM2.wad, hahaha!
  9. Fabricator

    Paradise [v2.1 multiplayer release || 10/11/2020]

    @Tango a stand-alone map only version of Paradise would be sick, not just for ease of future / vintage SC compatibility, but for other dope gameplay mods too! However I'm sure it's an endeavour that's easier on paper than in actual practice though. Haha! Cheers so much man for the quick fix I really appreciate it, I managed to get 'em playing nicely together! Had a super quick run thru of Map01 and Map03 earlier on, and outside of the various startup warnings you've already mentioned, I only noticed issues with certain outdoors-y texture flats not displaying (very rare, nothing super eyesore-y, haha) and the small scrap gun ammo packs being able to be picked up, but not contributing to actual ammo stock. EDIT: Looks like this could be an issue with small ammo pickups in general? When I get stuck into it again proper, I'll probably whip up a short list of other bugs / issues I run into, if that helps with anything?
  10. Fabricator

    Paradise [v2.1 multiplayer release || 10/11/2020]

    Oh man! I remember having an absolute blast with this back in 2019, the release with the OG Map05, haha! Loved the unique gameplay twists / additions with the toxic-techbase-in-lush-jungle aesthetic. The shoot 'em up tracks are super dope too! Gave off real MegaDrive / Super Nintendo / NEO-GEO vibes, I felt like I was playing some long lost mid 90s Doom clone! Managed to wrangle up some mates and smash thru a co-op sesh recently and had even more fun, with the re-balanced areas and enjoyed all the brand new touches too! Looking to play thru again solo and just wondering is there a way to either extract just the maps and associated resources or just flat out run the set with the latest version of Supercharge? I've tried loading up Paradise 2.1 with Supercharge 2.8 and I get a pesky lil' start-up error. I'm sure there's a super easy fix / explanation but being the absolute PWAD/PK3 spud that I am, I have no idea what that minor tweak would be, hahaha! Any assistance would be much appreciated! Outside of that I'm looking forward to any future updates to this set, or just a flat out sequel set in much the same vein. Thanks again for all the fun! :)
  11. Fabricator

    DBP36: Aquatic Wonder

    Always a good day when the Doomer Boards unleashes a new project, and I'm a sucker for water levels so this set will be a must play!
  12. Should include that scrapped map as a "bonus outtake" outside of regular episode progression or something along those lines. More maps are never a bad thing and it'd be a shame to waste the effort!
  13. Oh, hell yeah! Recently re-discovered your Hell for Leather episodes and have been keeping an eye on this for a while. Keen as a bean to play!
  14. Apologies for the huge necro-bump but it looks like the DL links are dead. I've checked all the posts in this thread (and the ZDoom thread) but was unable to find a working DL. Big ask, but does anyone still have this kickin' around on their PC and is there any chance of a re-upload?