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  1. 9/9/03
    Technical Help Requested with Bluetooth Connectivity.

    I am posting a .plan file hoping that someone can help me with a technical problem I am facing.

    Here is my problem:
    I have a Nokia 3650 mobile phone, my service provider is AT&T. I also have a Sony Clie PEG-TG50. I want to connect to the internet on my Clie via Bluetooth using my Nokia 3650 phone (GSM/GPRS). My Clie can see my phone and I can get a Bluetooth connection but I am unable to get it connected to the internet.
    I’ve been able to get this working with my Powerbook and my phone but unable to achieve the same success with my Clie.

    If someone can help me with this problem they will receive a free signed copy of Doom 3 as soon as it is finished. I’ll also give you some cool id stuff while you wait for your free copy of Doom 3.

    Thank You
    Tim Willits

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    2. Arioch


      Yeah but I like this thread better. The other one can go to hell.

    3. Scabbed Angel

      Scabbed Angel

      Arioch said:

      Yeah but I like this thread better. The other one can go to hell.

      Apparently it already has. Anyway I have a CDMA not a GSM phone so... guess I'll be buying D3

    4. Fredrik


      This thread is not exactly relevant either now. So to the forum of irrelevant matters it goes :P