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  1. why can i only post 3 times a day?


     and why am i not  able to make a topic, no matter what i click on?



    1. Gothic


      New members can only make a limited number of posts their first day on Doomworld. That is to prevent spambots of flooding the forum with garbage.

      Wait until tomorrow.

    2. riderr3


      *Sigh* this has already been repeated a million times. It is probably advisable to make some sticky message or notice for newcomers.

  2. Incredible background pic

  3. judg3TH

    What is your favorite demon (and version of it) ?

    personally i love the pinkies, hell knights and arachnotrons. i like all renders of them
  4. judg3TH

    Games of the Decade

    doom and doom 2 would easily get number 1, respectively 2 for me, but in terms of non-doom: 1. binding of isaac: rebirth the expansions are just great, the chances of doing crazy builds and the variety in characters make the game perfect as is. 2. touhou even though i got into it in 2018, i did catch up with the high majority of what i missed. it's also impressive how the mainline games are a one-man effort. side games are also great if fighters are your cup of tea. the mainline games take the term of "bullet hell" to literal sense with each game. 3. risk of rain probably one of the few roguelikes that is not isaac and i'd play anytime. each character in the roster makes gameplay intriguing, fun and/or a challenge. the second game was a perfect transition from the 2d sidescrolling roguelike to a 3d open-world(...ish) roguelike. both games are more fun with friends and potentially makes it easier. 4. postal redux as much as postal 2 is praised, i like postal 1/redux more. it's just straight up carnage. a challenging one too, but also satisfying. really reminds me of DOOM. 5. slay the spire probably the most challenging card game i've ever played (probably the only one too). the art is amazing, score is amazing, everything just blends. the fact that you can add workshop mods can turn the game into a mess (can be a good one) and also add some fixes or minor changes. it took me a solid 2-3 months to finally beat it on a legit run. the defect best btw i would've added DUSK in the list but i didn't get to play it
  5. judg3TH

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    classic doom guy easily sold himself to me since 2008 when my sister first let me play my first game, which was DOOM 2. i found it amazing how he was just killing anything with weapons he finds. also no falling damage and the fact he went through the entire mission solo