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  1. Dwars

    HACX Widescreen Graphics WADs

    I tried these assets in PrBoom+UM and Woof! The STBAR included needed to be converted to Doom format to work, but that should be an easy fix for your upload. Aside from that, I think it should run nicely with most other contemporary ports with widescreen support.
  2. I put together a version of the PrBoom+ .zip with two .wads. One that includes the 4:3 TITLEPIC and INTERPIC, and one with widescreen versions. I can now confirm that this version also works with Woof! and Doom Retro. For the former, if you want to put it in the autoload folder, you might have to get rid of the included umapinfo.lmp that comes prepacked with it and use either one of the WADs depending on your taste in aspect ratio. nrftl_midipack_prbwfrtr.zip
  3. Dwars

    Widescreen Assets Pack and Appreciation Thread

    @Anarkipls and I did some widescreen assets for Gateway to Shangri-La which you can download here: shwide.wad
  4. Today's update is an attempt to temper the Disciple sounds. I might've made them just a bit TOO high frequency before, hopefully they should sound better now.
  5. The 'pure' edition has slightly deprecated ever since I used some rather selective upscaling and filtering methods for the sounds formerly made from scratch. The homemade sounds such as IMPSIT, WIZSIT, WIZACT, SORSIT, SORACT, SORPAI, SORDSPH, etc should now sound as close to high quality and pure versions as I can possibly get them to be. Considering the chance of getting the uncompressed source files for those are extremely slim, this is the best I can do for them for the time being.
  6. The .ogg version doesn't account for the problems with volume and frequency I was facing when working with the Doom sound format. All files should sound properly noisy there. The only problem is that plenty of ports don't support .ogg sounds for Heretic yet, hence the need for a sound format version.
  7. Even with all sounds accounted for, I still want to try to get the best out of them I can get. So here's the... UPDATE FOR 06/23/21 Adjusted the following sounds: HEDACT (Timing of sounds fine tuned) HEDDTH (Timing of sounds fine tuned) HEDPAI (Timing of sounds fine tuned) HEDSIT (Timing of sounds fine tuned) KGTDTH (Timing of sounds fine tuned) LOBPOW (Combined sound sources of previous versions)
  8. I decided to do one more update for a bit, and I did a bit of work yesterday too. Either way the following sounds have been added: CHICPAI (Chicken Pain Noise - Used the CHICACT source and added more frequency to the warbling) CLKPAI (Sabreclaw Pain Noise - Somehow I forgot this, it's the same as the Undead Warrior but without echo) PLRCDEATH (Player 'Crazy' Death - from high damage) SORDSPH (D'Sparil Death Scream) SNKSIT (Ophidian Sight Sound - It's quiet, but there!) WIND (Wind Ambience) And the following sounds have been adjusted: BLSHT (Dragon Claw Firing - Treated the 'sizzling' noise) CHAT (Messages/Secret (in some ports) - Touched up the chiming quality) ITEMUP (Ammo/Health Pickup - Should sound closer to the original now) GLDHIT (Elven Wand - Treated the 'sizzling' noise) KEYUP (Key Pickup - Added a bit more frequency) KGTPAI (Undead Warrior Pain Noise - Fine tuned the echo) TELEPT (Teleportation - Added a bit more frequency, source sound didn't pick up the flange enough) And with that, all sounds are now in some way or another accounted for! Even still, this pack may get updated in the future.
  9. Today's update added at least one sound (BSTACT - Weredragon Active) and reworked a few weapon and homemade sounds. Hopefully this should reduce the need for a 'pure' version. Some homemade enemy sounds (such as the ones the Disciples and D'Sparil play) have been upsampled, filtered, and remixed. I know this isn't ideal, nor perfect, but it does give those certain enemies a little extra magical flair. I mean, they're otherworldly wizards after all, they're probably gonna sound weird. Anyway, I'm probably going to take a break from this for the sake of health. My perfectionist tendencies regarding this sound pack distracted me from important stuff like eating and drinking. If anyone wants to have a go at tweaking the sounds themselves, the sister thread in the OP has a spreadsheet of potential sound sources that you can work with.
  10. UPDATE FOR 06/13/21 Added the following newly remastered sounds: AMB2 (Flesh Ripping Ambience) AMB11 (Footstep Variant Ambience) NEWPOD (Pod Respawning) PODEXP (Pod Explosion) TELEPT (Teleportation) Adjusted the following sounds: AMB4 (Better Footstep Variant) BURN (Redid the sizzling and frying sounds entirely) HEDAT3 (Lich wind reworked entirely as well) LOBPOW (Cannon sound replaced explosions)
  11. In an attempt to get over some of the limitations of the sound format, I made a version that utilizes .ogg files that can be downloaded in the OP. If you value your ears though, you should only use this in ports that support it, like GZDoom, since any other port will either not play them or not play them right. And boy, how they don't play them right...
  12. UPDATE FOR 06/12/21 Added the following newly remastered sounds: BLSSHT (Dragon Claw Attack) BLSHIT (Dragon Claw Hit) BURN (Lava splash) CHAT (Messages) GNTPOW (Powered Gauntlet Attack) HEDAT2 (Lich Ice Attack) HEDAT3 (Lich Whirlwind) HRNPOW (Powered Hellstaff Attack) LOBPOW (Powered Firemace Attack) MINAT1 (Minotaur Ground Slam) PHOSHT (Phoenix Rod Attack) PSTART (May need remixed but should be the same sound) RIPSLOP (Ripper Noise) SNKATK (Ophidian Attack) SBTDTH (Serpent Death) SORRISE (D'Sparil Rising) Adjusted the following sounds: BSTDTH (Weredragon Death) MINDTH (Similar to BSTDTH) MUMAT2 (Reduced Clipping) WIZATK (Added SNKATK Element) The weapon sounds are still a bit quiet. I'm hoping to get them adjusted in the future.
  13. Third update for today! Added the following newly remastered sounds: HEDDTH (Lich Death) HEDPAI (Lich Pain) KGTDTH (Undead Warrior Death) PHOPOW (Phoenix Rod Powered Fire) HEDAT1 (Iron Lich Fire Attack) Fun fact: PHOPOW and HEDAT1 are the same sound! So much so that PHOPOW is useless. I still included it anyway for completion's sake.
  14. Sure. The only ones I planned to remake were the homemade ones, but I've included a link to a more 'pure' version in the OP.
  15. Time for a potentially divisive second update for 06/11/21, it's... The 'No Way I'm Gonna Find the Sources to These So I Did Them Myself' Update: Added the following newly remastered/remade sounds: IMPSIT (Imp Sight/Active) (Michael Raymond Judy's voice originally, now mine) SORACT (lirapS'D ot rednerruS) (Also probably Kevin, now me.) SORPAI (D'Sparil Pain) (Ditto) SORSIT (hselF ruoY wehC llahS snevaR ehT) (Ditto) WIZACT (Disciple Active) (Probably originally Kevin's voice, now mine and perkristian's from his old sound pack) WIZATK (Disciple Attack) (Probably originally a mix of Kevin's voice and some sound effects, included the sound effects with my voice) WIZDTH (Disciple Death) (Same story as WIZDTH but with perkristian's voice from his old sound pack as well) WIZPAI (Disciple Pain) (Probably the only Disciple sound that doesn't have a homemade sound) WIZSIT (Disciple Sight/Active) (Same story as WIZACT) Adjusted the following sounds: GNTACT (Gauntlet Activation) (First pass at volume consistency) SORZAP (D'Sparil Attack) (First pass at volume consistency) The ones in italics are the ones that I did original sounds for, though they also have some of the source sounds mixed into them. This is because it'll be highly unlikely that we'll get the sources to these unless Raven decides to release them (if they still have them.)