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  1. sittinkittin

    Hell Denizen (Early Access on Steam)

    @TwinBeast Those bouncy little ones look so heckin' cute! They're just bursting with excitement! Sooo eager to explode!
  2. sittinkittin

    Favourite video games

    Ooohh, it's those skulls that breathe! I'm a Devil Daggers noob, heh. I only played it for 6 hours. Maybe I'll get back into it some day! :3 This is the best I ever did:
  3. sittinkittin

    Favourite video games

    Oh my god, yes, Devil Daggers! Holy heck that game is stressful. No other game has made me bob and weave in my chair while playing it quite like Devil Daggers has. Hearing these guys: breathe/laugh/sound fucked up down your neck as they're catching up to you is so fucking unnerving.
  4. sittinkittin

    Doom Monster Nicknames

    I call Lost Souls pesky fucks and Cyberdemons Sooberdoobers.
  5. sittinkittin

    Invisible spectres in prboom+

    If you change "video mode" to OpenGL in the options menu Spectres will be easier to see.
  6. sittinkittin

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    The past week I've only been playing Doom at 35 FPS, in mostly Crispy Doom. The mouse feels more responsive at 35, for sure. Less smooth, but more responsive. The gnarly, murky-ass software renderer look + the 35 FPS with its snappy feel is just to die for.
  7. sittinkittin

    Arrow keys or WASD for movement?

    QCapsLockAS. Haha, no. But imagine if. WASD here!
  8. sittinkittin

    What Song Makes You Cry?

    So velvety, this Aphex Twin track... Here are a few. Now if you'll excuse me... ; ~ ;
  9. sittinkittin

    Source Ports Doomworld Uses [adding up later this month]

    DSDA-Doom - 8 Crispy Doom - 1 I use DSDA-Doom for everything, really, but I do enjoy the occasional Crispy Doom at 35FPS for that cozy and crispy oldschool feel, especially when playing older wads.
  10. sittinkittin

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    This is my Killing Floor 2 OC. I call him The Bling King. A crude joke screenshot made funnier by the fact that an NPC came running through the doors just as I took it. He's shocked. Teddy bear couple. Running from Death. Max Payne 3 is a really fun game to take screenshots in. If you pause the game and press Y, you can hide the menu and pan the camera around Max. And lastly, here are two atmospheric screenshots that I'm pretty happy with. The first one is from Dark Souls, and the second from Far Cry 5.
  11. sittinkittin

    What's something about Doom that you absolutely hate?

    I'm not all that keen on Doom's RNG table damage variance stuff for monsters. It's essential to me that punishment be levied by the game as "fairly" as possible. If I get hit by a Revenant's missile because of a movement hiccup on my part -- by all means, spank me! But don't rip my fucking head off just because I also happened to get an unlucky roll of the dice. Conversely, don't let me get off basically scott free with a wink and a nudge if I get hit, either. This monster damage variance has only ever made me feel as though I might not get what I deserve when I inevitably screw up and get hit.
  12. sittinkittin

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like Doom and I just signed up to doomworld.com after months of lurking. Hello!