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  1. Optiks

    A question for the musically-gifted....

    Ionian is just another name for the major scale. Aeolian is the minor scale. Phrygian is 1 b2 b3 4 5 b6 b7 so Primeval's example should be: A Bb C D E F G.
  2. Optiks

    The Great Doomworld Root Beer Giveaway 2011?

    Awesome!!! PM sent!
  3. Optiks

    Creating Tiling Textures

  4. Optiks

    Someone Broke Doomworld

    Yay for the Flames since I used to live in Calgary! Go Flames Go!
  5. Optiks

    The /newstuff Chronicles #175

    sp! the closest i'll ever come to glory!
  6. Optiks

    Indirectly related to Doom question...

    If you want a good free image editing program, you want the Gimp. http://www.gimp.org/ If you want something that is more specifically for textures, you want Wally. http://www.telefragged.com/wally/ These programs are both freeware and between the two, I can't really think of anything else you might need.
  7. Optiks

    Mario 1 Speedvideo

    Very cool. I love how he can make the coin noises. One thing I'm wondering about though, is how come the head stock is upside down? Is it just the brand of guitar he's playing (some wacky japanese company?) At first I thought he was playing a left handed guitar upside down but the knobs are in the right place...
  8. Optiks

    BloodRust Release

    Very fun maps and they look great as well. One question though, is there any way to get at the 3 imps in sector 699 in map 10 (upper left hand corner)? They're keeping me from 100% kills and I can't see a way into the room, even looking in the editor it doesn't seem like there's a way. But all in all, the maps are great and you should definately do another episode Slayer. :D
  9. Optiks

    Speedmapping Returns

    Cool, I'll be there. Speedmaps should always be announced this way btw. :D
  10. Optiks

    Doom Builder Doors

    3: Here's a good resource I googled up for you: http://cres1.lancs.ac.uk/~esasb1/doom/ Specifically you want to look at this: http://cres1.lancs.ac.uk/~esasb1/doom/design12.txt
  11. Optiks

    Doom Builder Doors

    Do the two sides with the door textures have their first sidedefs facing out? ie. the "Tab" in the sidedef is facing out. -------------- | | -| |- | | -------------- Like that. You're doing the right thing for the second problem.
  12. Optiks

    CChest1 Map 10 help

    Hey guys, I'm a bit stuck here. It's after the red door and I've crossed the platforms to hit the switch, killed the hell knight and baron and killed the caco. My question is, how do I get up to the ledge where the caco came out of? I can see a switch there but if I raise any of the platforms except for the last one up any more, I can't cross. This has got me stumped since I thought that this wad didn't need jumping to complete. Anyways, is there a way to arrange the platforms so that you can cross or do i need to backtrack and hit another switch first or what? Thanks in advance.
  13. Optiks

    Skulltag v0.95b Bug Report Thread

    Works now, it seems you can't change the detail mode to double horizontally and vertically or itll crash on vid mode change. Haven't tried the other settings but normal works fine for me. :D
  14. Optiks

    Skulltag v0.95b Bug Report Thread

    I got the same thing as wwgap. Can't change video mode, or else it'll crash with that message. Can't start into map01 or it gives the same thing, seems to be something to do with the video mode. It worked once for me then I quit, changed my controls and now it's toast, I'm gonna reinstall and see if it fixes it.
  15. Optiks


    Does the doom builder "make backup when saving" option actually do anything? If it creates a backup in the windows/temp directory, what is the file called?