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  1. Asking4Id

    Mods in Quakespasm

    Hope you get it working. Quake is fun.
  2. I actually like the pistol's damage output. I just wish it had a slightly faster fire rate.
  3. I think, as far as weapons go, there isn't a single sound effect I like from Doom except for the rocket launcher. I like it when maps replace weapon sound effects.
  4. Asking4Id

    My opinion on Brutal Doom

    I don't agree. I think mouselook is a must (so my opinion changed a bit since I made the topic about portable Doom).
  5. I strongly dislike Doom's wood textures.
  6. Asking4Id

    A question about mapping

    Rectangular rooms are fine.
  7. I feel bad for saying this but imps are kind of annoying.
  8. Asking4Id

    Build Engine Poll!

    Blood > Shadow Warrior > Duke (hate the reload mechanic).
  9. Asking4Id

    Remember when Doom was SIMPLE?

    Aiming is simple. Skillfully aiming is complicated.
  10. Asking4Id

    My second attempt at WAD making (updated)

    One of my rules for map design is to have only slight dimness if there is any dimness at all. Certainly 2x less brightness (if you click the arrow in Doom Builder instead of entering a new value) is enough to give atmosphere. I hope this helps. Always look forward to new maps.
  11. Asking4Id

    How to get started on DOOM Mapping?

    There are some Youtube tutorials that are a great help when building maps. I recommend them (no matter the uploader, just search doom builder tutorial).
  12. Asking4Id

    Zdoom recording demos

    So I'm aware zdoom isn't the preferred way of recording demos, but since it works, I would rather do it this way right now. I'm doing this with a batch file I made and the problem is that it records my movements but when I play back the demo it shows Doom 2, not the pwad I'm playing. Here's the batch file text: zdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file ask1am.wad -record 0demofile -skill 3 Please help me figure this out. I have Doom 2 and ask1am in the same directory as zdoom.
  13. Asking4Id


    Even worse than monochrome wads (some design choices are wrong).
  14. Asking4Id

    Help Me With My Loading Time In GZdoom

    My pc has slow load times before a map starts using Gzdoom. It also has regular loading times with Lzdoom but the problem is, it has obvious stuttering when I find secrets. I just assumed it was my pc. No problems with Zdoom.
  15. Asking4Id

    Fixed values for damage outputs

    I think random damage should be kept for monsters, but the player's damage should be stable.
  16. Asking4Id

    Zdoom recording demos

    Hurray, -playdemo works. Whenever I try to drag the .lmp over zdoom, that doesn't work.
  17. Asking4Id

    The 64 KB challenge (2 megawads completed and on Idgames!)

    They're rar files? My pc (Windows 10) for some reason can't extract any rar files at all, but it can extract .zip or .7z. I'm not sure if this works, but try renaming the file to .zip and see if you can extract the .zip. I tried to download file 2 on my Mac and it extracts the file like it's supposed to. I think .zip is preferred over .rar for many reasons though.
  18. Asking4Id

    Guilty Pleasure Movies and Games?

    Astonishia Story (PSP). Clearly on the good shelf despite critics' backlash.
  19. Asking4Id

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    That depends on how dark the area is. Slightly dark is fine.
  20. Asking4Id

    Worst WADS?

    The usual stuff.
  21. Asking4Id

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    I hate pinkies. Makes me feel like I'm playing Hexen (a lot of monsters in Hexen can't fire back).
  22. Asking4Id

    Doom 2's "best" demon?

    There are a lot of contenders but Hell Knights. They're pretty much perfectly mid tier.
  23. A few wads are tough to play without it.
  24. Asking4Id

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    I really like lost souls but I hate pain elementals. I feel like they forgot how you're supposed to defeat lost souls when they made it because now you have to use different weapons to do it.
  25. Asking4Id

    Console Wars: Doom SNES vs 32X

    Maybe a weak episode of console wars. Neither of these are good.