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  1. Zdoom lets you turn off monsters in the menu also.
  2. Asking4Id

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    90s is love, 90s is life.
  3. Asking4Id

    Whats the worst fanfiction you've ever read?

    Hm, nothing seems as bad to me as the original show sometimes...
  4. Asking4Id

    What are your recommendations for enemy placement?

    It completely differs based on monster type. Monster type tells you which weapons you need to make available to the player to defeat them. This requires familiarity with the game. The environment can make monsters tougher or easier, depending on how you want the encounter to go. Whether you have enough health and armor makes the map more tense. The sure way to know a map is playable is to test it by playing the wad file. If you can defeat every single monster on the map (if you have enough ammo to do this), you're doing good as far as monsters go. Source: I've only designed one map (it's in this site's queue to be uploaded) but I've been playing first person shooters for a long time. Edit: also, only former humans will give ammo, so that's something to keep in mind.
  5. Asking4Id

    problem loading my profile using Zandronum and Brutal Doom

    I'm not sure why you're in the console, did you do that intentionally? You can enable or disable it by pressing ~.
  6. Asking4Id

    Pistol Start Questionare

    -I don't personally pistol start. As far as whether the map should be based on pistol starting I'm not 100% on that. -No, it isn't. -I don't like being surrounded with 100 monsters so I would say the map is unbalanced for other reasons.
  7. Asking4Id

    The 64 KB challenge (2 megawads completed and on Idgames!)

    To the mappers submitting to this project (just out of curiosity) did you find this challenge easy or hard?
  8. Asking4Id

    The Perfect Enemy topic.

    Feel free to contribute at your leisure. lol
  9. Asking4Id

    The Perfect Enemy topic.

    In this topic, mention wads you've played that use monsters expertly/in ways that are appropriately challenging. I'd be interested in hearing your opinions. It doesn't have to have every monster done perfectly, but at least one monster type should be done perfectly to qualify for discussion here. One example is Brotherhood of Ruin. In this map pack Hell Knights are always used as well as possible. For reference, here's a list of Doom's monster names (in case anybody doesn't remember). https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/Monster
  10. I don't like infighting and I think the Doom engine should never have had it.
  11. Asking4Id

    Protagonist Portrait Point ?

    There are a couple possible reasons the portrait exists. One, it's an homage to Wolfenstein. Two, Doomguy wears a helmet on the promotional art so you get to see what he looks like now (in game only). I'm sure there are more (undeniably more).
  12. Asking4Id

    The Perfect Enemy topic.

  13. I strongly dislike it when the floor shows sky textures.
  14. Asking4Id

    Should there be another game after Eternal?

    Quake was definitely in the spirit of the project they had in mind for Doom 3 and on (a person wonders why they didn't use Quake). Probably because the original id team wasn't working on Doom 3/new Quake.
  15. Asking4Id

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I have no clue when this will be released, but I'm near completion of it. Just a one level wad. Currently unnamed (screenshot taken in Zdoom).
  16. Controversial: there is no reason to ever put a zombieman on a map.
  17. Asking4Id

    Remember when Doom was SIMPLE?

    That's not in any way truthful or unfortunate. People can argue the only evolution of gaming that matters is the leap from Atari to NES (I still don't know how anybody can enjoy a video game where your character is a shape).
  18. People can and will draw that conclusion. To each their own.
  19. Asking4Id


    Since the marine is anonymous in Doom 1 and 2 (and also different) they probably won't use him.
  20. Asking4Id

    Compartmentalising for the sake of sanity?

    Most people (right now) aren't materialists, so they fail to make good arguments about the materialism of communism.
  21. Asking4Id

    IGN First Look stuff

    I like the Archvile's design.
  22. In my veresion of Doom 2, all episodes are named after food and the difficulty setting replaces 4 with Some Like It Hot. 3 is Spicy, 2 is Lukewarm.
  23. So I'm using Zdoom but I don't see the option to turn this off, I actually died once accidentally on Sigil because I turned with the mouse and this pushed me back off the ledge into the lava. I'm assuming it's possible to turn mouse acceleration off. Please help.