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  1. Asking4Id

    Monochromatic Nightmare

    Distracting and rough monochromatic design.
  2. I used to think Sonic was okay, but now I like it more (the original Sonic games for Mega Drive). I also have differing opinions on NY Gunblade and LA Machineguns from playing them more than once. It's a positive opinion but I'm not sure how positive. I played Action in NY for NES and I thought the vertical level was much better the second time around. For some reason I was bored the first time I was in that level. This game is good by the way.
  3. Asking4Id

    Literal DooM wad

    Back in our day, we called that trolling. There was definitely no such thing as a shitpost.
  4. Doom 2's Master Levels were from 1995. TNT and Plutonia were both developed in 1996. No Rest For the Living was developed in 2010 (from searching online).
  5. Less resources could make the game impossible, as some games have proven to be when they use that method.
  6. Asking4Id

    What should be DOOMified next?

    Punisher. Deadpool. (There's Metroid? I'll look that one up)
  7. Asking4Id

    Do you usually pistol start?

    I agree sg is better than ssg, but no I don't pistol start (right now), I use sg most of the time.
  8. Asking4Id

    The 64 KB challenge (2 megawads completed and on Idgames!)

    I am going to cast my vote for: keep stairs, even if it means removing some other element to get 64kb.
  9. Asking4Id

    Is Doom done being serious?

    They can start up a series of custom wads called Doom: The Way Id Used To Do It after Doom Eternal is released. But to be serious, I don't think there's any problem with Doom Eternal.
  10. Asking4Id

    Games You Hated But Played Anyway

    Lufia Rise of the Sinistrals. Using a guide (who doesn't use a guide for an RPG?), I got to the final area and realized I hated everything about this game, from the insanely difficult puzzles to the on screen encounters. I quit right before I would have defeated the final boss.
  11. Asking4Id

    Gameplay mods - Do you like or dislike them?

    I never use graphics mods. Ever. I have a small interest in Doom Exp and gameplay mods.
  12. Asking4Id

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    No, it wouldn't be TAS.
  13. That's great to know.
  14. Asking4Id

    Lightsabers in Doom?!

    I do not want lightsabers in Doom. The closest thing to a melee weapon (well, it is a melee weapon) I ever liked in an fps was the axe in Quake. I want guns in an fps.
  15. Asking4Id

    Buggy wad?

    I'm sure you will be happy with one of the Zdoom source ports (or, if you used one to play this wad, then please clarify). Even my pc from the mid 2000s runs Gzdoom fine.
  16. I would expect no less from Doom.
  17. Asking4Id

    Anybody else not date?

    I am no longer young.
  18. Asking4Id

    what makes a map comfy?

    Just spacious enough (to a lesser extent, the shape of the map too). I've been testing very old maps and a couple are just long, long wide corridors.
  19. I like the default mouse configuration (sensitivity) in Crispy Doom but it needs a brightness setting in the menu.
  20. Asking4Id

    Is Doom done being serious?

    I don't know. I'm interested in retro Doom.
  21. Asking4Id

    Why won't enemies attack?

    So this is a question from a newbie who's just started using Doom Builder 2 (fooling around with it really). When I place enemies, save, and then play the wad, everything seems fine until enemies move around. Then it becomes clear they won't fire back. They just walk around. What can the reason be? Tested my custom wad with Doom 1 as base. Used Doom editor within Doom Builder 2. Played the custom wad on Crispy Doom.
  22. Asking4Id

    Doom in other genres

    Hear me out... a Doom rhythm game.
  23. Asking4Id

    UAC Cover-up Wad

    You misspelled Satellite.
  24. Asking4Id

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    I dislike the city based maps in Doom 2 (though, some are decent, since you fight strictly indoors in some of them).