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  1. Asking4Id

    What wads do you play on the go?

    This topic is for those user made wads you consider must haves as well as the ones that run well on portables (pc is a given). Here's one that doesn't run well. I was playing codlev.wad (Caverns of Darkness) and some graphical oddities were noticeable, like the posts on the first bridge were invisible unless I was up close to them and even then only from certain angles. I believe there's also a grate of some kind blocking the first hell knight but it appears to the player as an invisible wall.
  2. Asking4Id

    My own mod

    A sprite hack?
  3. Asking4Id

    Quake 3 - Bots using Navmesh

    I don't agree with that.
  4. Asking4Id

    Do boomers hate minimum wage workers?

    I definitely find it melodramatic to say you've matured through your 30s. Surely, you were supposed to have fully matured at the end of your 20s.
  5. Asking4Id

    What is the best idtech1 game?

    Hexen was very cryptic... When I got to the first "now you must hit the second switch to activate this" I was frustrated.
  6. Asking4Id

    Favorite Quake Game?

    Quake 3 for its arena multiplayer.
  7. Asking4Id

    What niche media do you enjoy?

    They are still making and uploading Quake 3 multiplayer maps, if the latest ones from December 2019 tell me anything. Quake 3 is pretty sweet.
  8. Asking4Id

    Do boomers hate minimum wage workers?

    Who knows. I don't concern myself with slang, especially not when the news defines a boomer as a 30 year old (at least, Taylor Lorenz at the New York Times does). People are just turning 30 if they were born in 1990. They grew up with video games, with a few super popular anime, and in just several years after they were born the internet was common in every household, making them very very similar in mindset to the people who grew up after them. When I think of a boomer I think back much farther.
  9. Asking4Id

    Why Linux remains unpopular?

    What does that even mean?
  10. Asking4Id

    Cant load this wad

    Are you loading it with a launcher?
  11. There shouldn't be 23,211 monsters on a map.
  12. Asking4Id

    Doom Runner (yet another graphical ZDoom launcher)

    I can tell you're serious since you used a drop down menu for level select (the second best thing next to automatically warping me to the map). But I think level select should be on the same screen as wad select, that is to say, the default tab, the left one.
  13. Asking4Id

    How to make a good wad??

    I think drawing a test map within the editor would work fine. This could (or could not) give you a good idea. Some people would swear by this and even save their test map, eventually completing it.
  14. Asking4Id

    Games with infighting

    Most video games that have infighting make it a status ailment monsters need to be hit with before it can happen.
  15. Asking4Id

    Can't Come Up With Any Ideas

    I don't agree with dark areas being good. Some brainstorming ideas are bound to be controversial (such as this one).
  16. Asking4Id

    Can't Come Up With Any Ideas

    I vote against a maze like map and against little ammo.
  17. Asking4Id

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.3.1 (5/2021)

    I see, I had no idea it was supposed to be portable. I guess that means it will always be that way.
  18. Asking4Id

    A question about mapping

    When mapping, it's not bad to trust your instinct. I thought it was fun to pistol down a pinkie in my map, but then I realized some might not like this and I actually removed the pinkie a bit before I got it done.
  19. Controversial: I kind of like using the pistol on pinkies.
  20. Asking4Id

    What is your favorite sourceport?

    Right now, Zdoom.
  21. Asking4Id

    Doom Launcher - Doom frontend & database v3.3.1 (5/2021)

    I have a question about this, I like this launcher because it allows me to warp to the right map automatically instead of typing it out or selecting a drop down menu. This is very convenient and a great time saver, but I have the following unrelated problem. Whenever I add a file to Doom Launcher, the file is duplicated. I was wondering if there's a fix for this (no file duplication), maybe a setting I'm not aware of. I'm just starting to use launchers in general so I have to ask the newb questions.
  22. Asking4Id


    Has some things going for it, clearly a step above wads that are unplayable. However, the author forced mouselook off (a decision I disagree with) so I didn't have as much fun as I might have.
  23. Asking4Id

    Why Linux remains unpopular?

    Eh, not much of a cause behind it. Just look at how many games are available for Windows and you can see how people will prefer it to Linux (even though Linux can also run a lot of stuff).
  24. Asking4Id

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Maybe. I'm sure it took up a lot of time writing those as well.
  25. Asking4Id

    Tell me bad wads to play