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  1. 1 minute ago, Jayextee said:

    This is getting worse. Stop. MM9 and 10 were made using then-current tech, merely the assets were built to NES specifications to preserve the aesthetic as closely as possible; all whilst subtly pushing some limits further than the NES could feasibly handle. They were not built 'in the same engine'.

    What's getting worse? Stop what?

  2. 5 minutes ago, Super Mighty G said:

    It has been said repeatedly leading up to release that Doom had to evolve as a franchise. Giving the classic formula a high fidelity coat of paint or retreading Doom 2016 isn't going to cut it. If you don't like it there are plenty of retro FPS games coming out like Wrath and Prodeus that keep it classic. 

    Why is that the case? Mega Man 9 and 10 were well received and they use the NES engine (or a slightly modified version, idk). There is demand for some games (not all) to reuse old assets.

  3. Ruinbros.wad (Brotherhood of Ruin) runs very well for the most part. This is on Vita's retroarch prboom core (floor textures always look abysmal, but on the other hand it seems very, very rare to get dips in frames per second). By the way, I don't recommend Vita to anyone, I just happen to have one and use it for Doom and other games.

  4. This topic is for those user made wads you consider must haves as well as the ones that run well on portables (pc is a given). Here's one that doesn't run well. I was playing codlev.wad (Caverns of Darkness) and some graphical oddities were noticeable, like the posts on the first bridge were invisible unless I was up close to them and even then only from certain angles. I believe there's also a grate of some kind blocking the first hell knight but it appears to the player as an invisible wall. 

  5. I used to think Sonic was okay, but now I like it more (the original Sonic games for Mega Drive).


    I also have differing opinions on NY Gunblade and LA Machineguns from playing them more than once. It's a positive opinion but I'm not sure how positive.


    I played Action in NY for NES and I thought the vertical level was much better the second time around. For some reason I was bored the first time I was in that level. This game is good by the way.