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  1. iconofeggsafe666

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    Is it that time now?
  2. iconofeggsafe666

    Atomic Attack

    has some good music and somewhat good jokes.
  3. iconofeggsafe666

    What was your first exposure to doom, (not via the shareware doom game)

    Thanks For Playing!™
  4. My first exposure to doom was when i found the game on a roms site, and so i decided that i would make a video on it. It was fun, so i played the game with cheats, then so on, and so on.
  5. iconofeggsafe666

    Super Mario World vs Doom 2016

  6. iconofeggsafe666

    What's the best time to make a wad?

    Who should map? Anyone who has basic knowledge of a computer When? NOW. With? Anything that makes maps, or can CREATE .wad files. Where? Anywhere. Why? It's cool. How? Blast HOME: Resonance 10 hours, get your stuff ready, have some snacks, (prefferably pizza, cos thats 90s as FUCK) and get mappin'!
  7. iconofeggsafe666

    why do people care about hitler and medkits so much?

    *War flashbacks to the DOOM 1 and DOOM 2 BFG Edition Wads*
  8. iconofeggsafe666

    The Ultimate Doom: E1M1 UV Pacifist in 14 seconds.

    Oh, ok. Thanks for the help, anyway! :D
  9. iconofeggsafe666

    The Ultimate Doom: E1M1 UV Pacifist in 14 seconds.

    Really? i recorded mine in GZDoom 4.2.4. So you have a different version of GZDoom/ a different Sourceport?
  10. This is my first doom speed demo. This medium is quite fun, so i'll make some more speed demos. e1m1uvpacifist.zip
  11. I had an idea to make a wad called "UAC SCIENCE LABS" which is a puzzle wad inspired by various 3d puzzle FPS like Portal, mixed in with a bit of action. Could there be any of these puzzle tools out there that i can freely use?
  12. iconofeggsafe666

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

  13. iconofeggsafe666

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    bruh if there are doom themed pfps only wouldnt it get boring lookin at em?
  14. iconofeggsafe666

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.8 [NEW!!]

    Looks interesting!