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Everything posted by SlayerOGames666

  1. Yeah, so it's jumpstarted with an influx of new content next year!
  2. Alright, that gives people ample time to add more changes and fixes to this!
  3. Of course! DEHACKED away!
  4. The one that looks most like the Doom 2 Logo will be M_Doom Your one will be TITLEPIC
  5. And ehehey, We got mentioned in the Doom -1 thingy! I hope they start making contributions here, too!
  6. Maybe @AtticTelephone could help us with that, I don't know.
  7. NEGATIVETWO_v0.08.zip Added the Negative One sprites, along with my own. Someone may need to fix these.
  8. I'd rather want Silver's rendition. He's just gotta make the M_DOOM smaller
  9. I'm also gonna add the Doom -1 weapon sprites with a new red gloved Freedoom fist sprite edit.
  11. Oh, it's an actual map! Try incorporating this logo into the MAP32 credits room, but flatten everything! Just slap it inbetween the pfps!
  12. Oh, and you need to fix it up a bit, too. It looks sloppy. Try this with the -2!
  13. Too big. Could work as a TITLEPIC over some NUKAGE with the logo's dropshadow, though.
  14. Erm... Mind fixing this?
  15. Mate, the PNAMES lump is broken, so the WAD won't load. But here's my change merged with yours. NEGATIVETWO_v0.04.zip Also, I replaced the blue block lookin thingy with the pentagram.
  16. I'm gonna quiiickly reserve map01, and add a classic - The first ever thing added to -1, the pentagram.
  17. Juuuuust wait and see, people will probably turn this into a total conversion for all I know!
  18. It's been found, and now it's up. Happy mapping!
  19. Oh, crap! I forgot! Please wait, while I find the thing...
  20. Sorry mate, I'm aiming for Boom compatibility. Plus, you're running GZDoom -1, right?
  21. SlayerOGames666

    new map pack

    This is meant to go into Wads and Mods.
  22. SlayerOGames666

    Doom -1: A Doomworld Experiment

    LOL I'll try and contribute more to -2.
  23. SlayerOGames666

    Volcanic Base: 4 Level Demo! (with final bossfight map30)

    volcanicbase.zip And I'm done! Over 3 months where I forgot this existed, all leads back up to this. It's sadly very underwhelming.