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Everything posted by SlayerOGames666

  1. SlayerOGames666

    GZDoom or QZDoom?

    I switched to QZDoom for the new decade, and right now, it works smoothly. What do you prefer?
  2. SlayerOGames666

    What color is your doomguy?

    I attempt to use the red that I have in thy friggin pfp, no hex codes in colour choosing make everything hard though.
  3. SlayerOGames666

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    Don't have it, but want it immensely. Australia's not rolling out this stuff to more people, and I'm pissed off about that LMAO
  4. I know there's a vacuum cleaner weapon out there, but I want the clear smoke effect seen as you suck the enemies in. How can I do this?
  5. Think about it: in the future, with the buildup of the nuDoom games, people may forget that Classic DOOM exists, and the thing we may be remembered for is shipping characters because they release on the same date as the next doom game... Oh god, if Doomworld gets forgotten and everyone remembers the community to be r/DOOM...
  6. 1. oh god no it's you again jim 2. It makes money, so what's the fuckin' problem?! You can't boycott them, so give them your money and start SUCKIN' BILL GATES OFF!
  7. "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling Doomers!"
  8. SlayerOGames666

    I called it.

    Must... Give... Money... To... Microsoft...
  9. SlayerOGames666

    There's a mobile Doom Eternal spin-off called Mighty Doom

    Oh yeah, you remember the Slayer's Rage? Fuck you, the Doom Slayer was never angry, give us MONEY!
  10. SlayerOGames666

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

  11. SlayerOGames666

    It´s time to give Decino Caco for best Doom player 2021

    Truly a conundrum we shall have to face before we give Decino his Cacoward...
  12. SlayerOGames666

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    how to lock a thread
  13. SlayerOGames666

    Cursed Doom Images

  14. SlayerOGames666

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    lmao My friend doesn't know what those two games are... Agreeable, have been talking to some new people lately.
  15. SlayerOGames666

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    Sorry for causing a small stir with this whole "what if x gets forgotten" shtick. Like I said with my last post, I was having a conversation with my mates about doom and one of them brought up the vague thought of how "it's probably gonna get forgotten as the new doom games get more popular". I told him that it's probably never going to happen and how classic doom's modding capabilities outshine EVERYTHING nuDoom does, and it'll never go away like poof, but he ended up firing back with "but classic doom has shit graphics and boring music you retard, ever played DOOM Eternal?". Everyone else in the friend group seemed to side with the nuDoom player.
  16. SlayerOGames666

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    To everyone's high hopes for this banger of 2 games; It's actually something that one of my mates brought up in a conversation.
  17. SlayerOGames666


    DOOMTIME gets the "GODDAMN THIS IS SHIT, FUCK YOU" Award! Look below to get your prize:
  18. So you're saying; Even if I were to take the cash and invest it into bitcoin and double - no, TRIPLE the cash and pay back the 2 mil - He still gets to make me do shit like "oooh fuckin idk sux me and die lol"
  19. Take the cash, invest it into bitcoin at a low, and sell at a high to make a profit. Pay the guy back, and I'm essentially rich and I get to play DOOM. Suck it, Mr. IHateDoom!
  20. SlayerOGames666

    Icon of Win

    And the final one... Icon of Sin.
  21. Sure, but we jest - Carmack should release a doom source port...