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File Reviews posted by SlayerOGames666

  1. An absolute masterpiece of Doom Modding art. What more can be said about this beautiful creation?

    8 maps of such hand-crafted awesomeness, each map feeling incredibly detailed and balanced, the enemies have some of the most tasteful choices of sprites, like the author created them out of pure godlike energy, the choice of textures and graphics made the WAD more pleasing to look at. Even the story is on par with stories like Citizen Kane, Harry Potter, and Captain Underpants. The choice by the author to have furry porn everywhere I turn is exceptional, because what's more scary - Dying, or risking having your family see you looking at furry porn?


    Overall - This is one of the best DOOM WADS out there - Give it a cacoward or see thousands of angry fans at your door.

  2. Terry Sux


    I have a few questions for you:
    1. Why did you think of doing this?
    2. Was it really nescessary?

    3. Did you just slap a terrywad with a beginning together, play it with Brutal Doom, and call it good?
    4. Is your bare snap locked?

  3. Awesome status bar graphics! You took some textures and a DOOM Status Bar, and you managed to put then together quite well! But one problem: Where's all the, well, OTHER graphics? As in, the STARMS? Hopefully you can make a sequel to this with the updated stuff :)