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Posts posted by SlayerOGames666

  1. 9 hours ago, Gregory Stephens said:

    Oh no fuck me. I thought this was a shitpost thread at first and then I looked it up on YouTube and it's actually fucking real. I'm kind of heartbroken and un-surprised they'd stoop this low, chalk it up to me trying to unlearn my past consoomerist care for a series that was long dead to me after Doom 3 since imho nuDoom as a whole just feels extremely corporate and disgusting to me and an extreme caricature and misunderstanding of the classic Doom games.

    1. oh god no it's you again jim
    2. It makes money, so what's the fuckin' problem?! You can't boycott them, so give them your money and start SUCKIN' BILL GATES OFF!

  2. 12 hours ago, Biodegradable said:


    And with such sound and highly-skilled deductive reasoning as that, who could possibly argue? Right, pack it up, folks. Delete your sourceports and level editors, shut down the forum, wiki and idgames archive. We had a good run. lmfao



    7 hours ago, ReX said:

    By that definition Blood II and SiN ought to have been runaway successes. And yet they were not.

    My friend doesn't know what those two games are...



    13 hours ago, Jello said:

    Sounds like you need new friends.


    Half sarcastic.

    Agreeable, have been talking to some new people lately.

  3. Sorry for causing a small stir with this whole "what if x gets forgotten" shtick. Like I said with my last post, I was having a conversation with my mates about doom and one of them brought up the vague thought of how "it's probably gonna get forgotten as the new doom games get more popular". I told him that it's probably never going to happen and how classic doom's modding capabilities outshine EVERYTHING nuDoom does, and it'll never go away like poof, but he ended up firing back with "but classic doom has shit graphics and boring music you retard, ever played DOOM Eternal?". Everyone else in the friend group seemed to side with the nuDoom player.