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  1. kscskp

    A homebrew 2.D FPS engine

    A newer demo
  2. kscskp

    A homebrew 2.D FPS engine

    I have forgot to add, a playable tech demo is also available: https://gofile.io/?c=AtmfaO
  3. kscskp

    A homebrew 2.D FPS engine

    not really, I have no motivation to continue the development...
  4. kscskp

    A homebrew 2.D FPS engine

    Some details: - Fully from scratch, programmed in C++. It is not a copy of an existing game engine. - Uses software rendering, every pixel is calculated and drawn one by one. - The rendering engine is mixture of raycasting (like Wolf 3D) and raytracing, also contains voxel rendering. - Multithreaded (uses all cores of the CPU). - Small size, fits on a floppy. Some demos on youtube: