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  1. Perdition666

    [Edit] Hell on the Home Front (4 MAPS made)

    The added barrels and lightposts were a nice touch. I particularly liked the dead marine placements used in a light sense of “story telling”. I noticed there are still no computers in the walls, was that something you forgot, or perhaps there will be a more tech themed map coming up? Also the closed off nukage area in map02 is by far my favorite aesthetic look in the map.
  2. Perdition666

    [Edit] Hell on the Home Front (4 MAPS made)

    Played Map 2. The ammo balance is better in this one, and the lighting adds to the atmosphere. There’s fewer enemies in this map than the last? Also that first secret was clever. All that seems to be needed is some decoration still.
  3. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    Glad you checked it out, are you currently working on another wad?
  4. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    Oof, sorry. I thought the secret was easily spotted, I can add a box of shells earlier
  5. Perdition666

    [Edit] Hell on the Home Front (4 MAPS made)

    I can sense quite a bit of potential here, I like the use of in game textures being ‘ripped’ for use in the Title Screen. I’d suggest using the classic doom font for the title like you did with the subtitle. Something about the AmazDooMLeft font kinda looks odd and out of place. The map was great and I liked the lighting and exploration. Keep it up and you’ll have a very good Megawad. Maybe even expanded into a full 32 maps in time instead of 14. Keep checking other users’ projects and look back at the original doom 2 for texture use and enemy encounters.
  6. Perdition666

    i'm tempted to delete this and start a new project.

    What is the overall idea you want for the level? Have you been drawing inspiration from things, or are you just winging it as you go along. Is this going to be one map, or part of a set of maps? In terms of advice, screenshot no.5 looks a bit empty and it’s just a big box with the same texture, I’d say make it smaller and break up the wall textures. Maybe add some sector decoration to the ceiling and floors like ‘fallen rocks’ or pillars. Add some stalactites and or other smaller buildings. Don’t just scrap the project, keep making changes and take frequent breaks for inspiration if needed. If you’d like to upload the map, maybe see if other users can make changes and show how they would approach designing it and take some information away from that. Sorry for the long post, heh.
  7. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    There’s a plasma gun that can be used
  8. Perdition666

    DooD wad

  9. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    Thank you for all this information. I’m going to analyze it and make changes accordingly. Once I finish up a few other maps I can release another version with all the changes.
  10. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    So, I converted the image to Doom Format, but now on the end screen, the level name colors are all glitched and bad looking. The image I used was in greyscale though. I don't know what exactly went wrong. But it can be played in crispy and prboom now. The only bug is the messed up colors for the level name.
  11. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    I used Doom - Doom (Doom Format) for the editing. I used Doom Writer to make the WILV10 graphic. In theory the map should be vanilla compatible because the maps don’t use any fancy boom or ZDoom features and its not a ridiculously huge map. I’ll look into more source testing after converting the image. Thank you for telling me how to do so.
  12. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    How do I change it to doom format?
  13. Perdition666

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    No more 95 gimmicks for a while, I have a beta of my Ultimate Doom Megawad,
  14. Perdition666

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    This isnt one of my 95 gimmick maps. This is a beta for my ultimate doom megawad
  15. Perdition666

    Hell Anomaly Beta "Deimos Episode"

    Hell Anomaly is a map set that I've been working on for about a week. My goal is similar to that of Doom the way id did. I am re-imagining 'The Shores of Hell' in a way that aesthetically is similar to the original, but the maps will be new (and hopefully fresh feeling). GZDOOM is the source port to be used. (prboom and crispy crash upon hitting the exit switch, giving an error about WILV10 or something? I used WhackEd to change the name of the map. So idk what the problem is. Just use GZDOOM) Let me know what you think! (and if I should keep continuing this little project) Oh, and DOOM1 is the IWAD... H_ANOM_Alpha.zip