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  1. Musk

    dating the demons

    Pain elemental. Cause it has the ability to spawn a variable influx of minions (Lost Souls), consequently giving you a substantial level of opportunities to exploit for many things.
  2. Musk

    How to Deal with Mapping Sadness

    Honestly, the best way to map in a positive manner is to choose a theme that best suits your taste. Flavor for flavor. Always perfect chemistry. Don't try to imitate others based on their achievements, always construct your own creations.
  3. *Super Shotgun sfx intensifies*
  4. Musk

    Doom QUIZ in PL

    Can the BFG 9000 kill multiple enemies per shot at any given distance? A) Yes B) No C) Not entirely D) You need to be closer. How many rockets does it take to kill a Mancubus? A) 1 B) 4 C) 3 D) 7 How much damage can the blue armor reduce compared to the green armor? A) 40% B) 35.7% C) 50% D) 25% Which map in DOOM II do you obtain the Super Shotgun? A) Map01 B) Map05 C) Map10 D) Map02 Which weapon is considered the most recent innovation by the UAC facility? A) Chain gun B) BFG 9000 C) Plasma Rifle D) Super Shotgun What term has DOOM coined in the multiplayer aspect? A) Role-play B) Capture the flag C) Deathmatch D) Co-op Which is currently the most popular DOOM port? A) Zdoom B) Crispy doom C) Chocolate doom D) GZdoom Which DOOM sequel was the first to give the monster designs a complete overhaul? A) Doom 2016 B) Doom 3 C) Doom RPG D) Doom 64
  5. Musk

    Your favorite maps

    Monochrome mapping project. One of the most underrated megawads in my opinion. It deserves more recognition and i really hope the monochrome mapping team makes a sequel one day. Reasons why you should play that megawad: 1. Shows how one can be creative and stylish without the perception of texture aesthetics. 2. Puzzles can momentously perplex you, but very satisfying long-term. 3. Each level individually expresses the admiration of the human's intuitions. 4. Displays how little things can be greatly cherished if fundamentally understood.
  6. Musk

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Why do you hate us so much?
  7. Musk

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    There should be a mod for multiplayer servers that randomizes the role of doom marines from a 50% chance of being employed to the battle lines and a 50% chance of having a mopping stick thrown at you, as it's your job to clean all the stains of blood & gibs across the UAC facilities. And if the janitor doesn't meet the objectives. You'll be sent to a special kind of hell.
  8. Musk

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    Doom64 Doomguy. The absolute mad man went to hell and back just to kill a huge ghoulish atrocity under the moniker "Mother Demon".
  9. Musk

    What is something about doom that you absolutely hate?

    Surprise revenant rockets. When running away from a rocket and hiding behind a wall a mile away, it still somehow catches up.
  10. Musk

    Monochrome Mapping Project

    Love the unique twist of taking on visuals straight out of a comic, it's a breath of fresh air to blast demons in a purgatory like esque, instead of hell for the dozen time.
  11. Musk

    What do you like from classic 90's megawads?

    Steam rolling a level without having to spend half an hour looking for a hidden switch to activate a certain event that's required to progress.