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  1. TrialD

    TNT MIDI Pack - Now on idgames!

    I could see the Lost Episode get something in the vein of Peter's Master Level MIDI Pack. Y'know, wacky tunes for a whack mappack.
  2. TrialD

    Doom Slayer Figma - Pre-orders available

    Huge upgrade over the McFarlane figure for sure. Just have to think that purchase thru bc boy's very expensive...
  3. Yo, for those who want to check it out, I've uploaded my entries to the MIDI pack on YouTube:
  4. Claiming E2M7 for now. Guess I can churn in another midi.
  5. Might claim E1M5 right away if it's alright.
  6. At last, guess I'll hafta give this bad boy a good listen soon
  7. Interested in the project but for now I refrain from claiming any spots bc I highly doubt in can submit something within the next two weeks just yet. Btw, are remixes of original Doom midis allowed for this project or should it be original tunes?
  8. Just wanted to thank you for being able to take part in this project. This soundtrack has some absolute bangers in it!
  9. Would like to do something for MAP02 if still available
  10. Thx. When I looked the guy up and saw the Capstone games being the top search entries I was worried at first but his tunes seem to be fine actually lol.
  11. Oh wow, def can't wait for these juicy tunes.
  12. Map Name: "Merry Fistmas" Author: TrialD Music: Jazz Arrangement of "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" (MIDI Source) Sky: Default Format: Boom (DOOM 2) Difficulty Settings: UV-Only Comments: Tricky dicky mini slaughter map Screenshots: TD_merryfistmas.zip
  13. Just finished composing a MIDI piece though I'm not sure if it'd fit the vibe of the remaining levels. Mind if I hit you up with a PM, @Doomkid?
  14. Yo, long time no see. I've managed to apply some minor fixes to the map though I left the monster count untouched. I will go less harder with monsters on my next map which is already in the works. Changes include properly unpegged door tracks, fixed pinky trap and a non-secret BFG by the end. Version 1.1 can be grabbed here Feel free to let me know if I still overlooked a few things.