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  1. Hello, yes I know this is a website /w a forum for a game... but I have seen tech threads here before and I know you are all knowledgable :) so I was wondering if you all could help me out.

    I am currently having computer issues...
    System Spec's
    OS: Windows XP sp3
    VidCard: Nvidia 6800 GT
    CPU: 3200 AMD Athelon x2

    I have just recently bought a new Wacom Tablet and Adobe photoshop elements 9 and tried upgrading it to adobe photoshop CS5, but I can't because the photoshop version I bought seems to need adobe photoshop elements 4, 6, 7, or 8... So I left the installer running before leaving to work. I get home and...

    Problem Synopsis:
    Dr Watson Has crashed, uTorrent has crashed, and Data Execution Prevention is going crazy... so I shut my computer down... then suddenly as the post check is running, it says that it's RAM R/W Test failed and its checking NVRAM then it continues to boot to windows, where I encounter the same problems of Dr.Watson Crashing.

    Then I proceed to use another computer in the house to make a boot disk with memtest86 and I test each stick indavidually. after 2 passes, no errors... also one passes the POST R/W check, and the other fails the R/W Check. When I stick both in, and do a memtest86, after 2 passes there are no errors but again, a R/W fail.

    Dr.Watson crashes
    something about data execution prevention
    Ran memtest on each stick seperatly and together for 2 passes, no errors
    One stick passes R/W POST check, the other fails.

    AUGH! I just SPENT like 800$ and I get this! :(
    Please help!


    Thanks for the help thus far, I will be posting a reply with an update on what else I have tried and more system specs. Thank's to Laim or Little faith (I guess) for moving this to blogs. I am just worried that no one will be able to see it as I hardly ever went to blogs my self as a part time lurker.

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    2. ReFracture


      GreyGhost said:

      A quick 2-pass test obviously isn't enough, I usually leave memtest86 running overnight doing the full suite of tests. The RAM that's failing the POST test should be replaced, if it can't be written to reliably it's less than useless - except possibly as geek jewelery.


      I've replaced bad memory quite a few times where the errors in memtest took hours to show themselves.

    3. Maes


      Also, seeing how your computer isn't exactly top notch bur rather a Socket 939 relic, the mobo and PSU itself may have aged badly, especially if they developed bad caps.

      If it's economically feasible, try replacing the PSU, and inspect the mobo for leaked/bulding capacitors. These usually result in "weird" hardware crashes and glitches that just get worse over time (and do nothing to help the mobo run stable).

    4. Macro11_1


      Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

      @ Pott : I have ran each stick indavidually, one makes it past post and boots up, but there was still the same program behaviour. Also I tried resetting the settings on my Bios, and then later I used the option to reset the NVram that was in the bios... still no change.

      @ Grey : Thanks, I will probably get it replaced. I have ran the test over night and still no errors though... so it is really weird.

      @ Mike.R : fool *wink wink* *Nudge Nudge*
      Yeah again I ran it over night and nothing >_<, thanks though... would have asked you first but im kind of in panic mode :P.

      @ Maes : Yeah, its a relic but it can run starcraft2 w00t! I replaced the PSU once before, and I checked the MOBO readouts, they were only out by half a volt (which could be significant, I don't have enough experience to know) I also looked for any damaged capasitors (little round silver things.... right?) and I didn't see any bulges or any corrosion.

      Again thanks for the help... currently I just gave up and took in my PC to future shop and paid them 60$ to look at it, the 60$ is also going towards parts I was told so hopefully its not a bad deal. If it is unrepairable I may have to invest in to a new computer. Kinda pisses me off though that it just HAD to choose now of all times lol. Oh well, keeping me off the computer for a while may be a good thing.

      Again, thanks for the help! :)