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  1. Thanks for mentioning me Mega, sadly no i don't have a copy of that any more -_- i'm pretty terrible when it comes to backing up my data. :( Also, throw one more on the pile of missing the guy. ;_;
  2. Macro11_1

    GZ Doombuilder - Slope Delta?

    This is going to sound weird, maybe i don't have the right language... but is there a way to make a delta slope of sorts? As in set up 2 plain_align's and then set up a slope on those? Basically the issue I'm wanting to solve is probably better described with pictures. in the second shot i'm looking to go from one angle to another, and I just cant seem to figure out a way to get it to do what i want, and I can't seem to find more detailed tutorials or discussions for this particular problem so i'm starting to wonder if its even possible. also Just wanted to say thank's to people who answered my fractal question :) (warning, couldn't figure out how to do a thumbnail with the new doom-worlds forums yet :s, so pictures dimensions are huge :s sorry!)
  3. Macro11_1

    GZ Doombuilder - Plugins? Correct Version? Fractals?

    Ok, so it looks like its still being implemented, but might be what im looking for :) thanks. And thanks everyone for the replies.
  4. Hi, just trying to get back in to editing again after another year of hiatus -_-, and just trying to make sure i have the latest version of gzdoom builder, see what if any plugins there are out there for this program. I'm looking for something that can take a linedef and "fractal" it in to many lines, similar to a cartographer program or something... the idea being an easy way to "draw" interesting cave walls easily, or natural stuff. I know that the editor has a randomize function, but I've found it lacking... (maybe i'm just using it wrong, if there is a tutorial on it id be happy to read it). Thanks for any time taken to read/reply to my questions :)
  5. Macro11_1

    GZ Doombuilder - Plugins? Correct Version? Fractals?

    mmm, ive tried the curve linedef tool, and while its good, I was hoping there was something more similar to this program's fractal line drawer. https://sourceforge.net/projects/autorealm/ If it dosnt exist, then oh well :) That vertex slopes is a nice link, tyvm :)
  6. Macro11_1

    Freedoom phase 2, cluster 1

    @Blastfrog So, ive been waiting for this topic :), leme know what you need ok? @Jayextee You need another map? If you want i can try to fill that map slot... :) Just shoot me some idea as to what you want. Also, do you have a thread going?
  7. Macro11_1

    Make Freedoom Great Again

    Hi, its been a while... I am the original author of map04, and i agree its pretty bad. I feel like i can do better, was trying to once but lost steam. Have been afk'ing in the irc channel past week or so making another attempt if that's ok? I'd love constructive criticism on it, i just need a place to host it... unless you all want me to upload it to the current build? not sure what to do... MAP01 -- Re-Focus.zip oh, i forgot to add... I've not tested this in any engine yet, so my recomendation is to fly through it with a map editor. I will make it work under doom.exe as per the updated rules.
  8. Does anyone know where the tutorials (I think they were linked to on doom world somewhere) by ... I think the guys name was jhon bishop... In anycase it had a starfeild or black background, and doom sprites on it... I just remember it fondly as it was what helped me the most when i was first learning.
  9. Macro11_1

    Editing tutorials links or whatever

    Oh thanks, I glossed over that :( sorry.
  10. Macro11_1

    Anyone nervous about level design?

    I kind of hope on the off chance it could be metroidvania or hexen style levels with more of an action focus. You know, open ended exploration on wtf happened and having mabye a central hub with objectives you'd have to find and research youd have to do and puzzles and logs and shit. And then have a few linear levels in-between of pure balls to the wall action and big reveals of the big bad's ect.... i think it would be glorious! But that's just me.
  11. Macro11_1

    PacMan Roads by Google

  12. Macro11_1

    Hexen mapping?

    Ok, so I have not opened any editors in a long time... so I thought "hey, lets play Hexen!" so I went ahead and played some co-op with a friend of mine... And playing through the first hub was horrible, I mean I love Hexen to bits but lets face it, the level design is not very intuitive or new player friendly. My friend had no idea what was going on or where to go.. (this could partially be because I whizzed ahead of him, but even so). So after that I decided "Hey, maybe I should try my hand at Hexen mapping, I mean it can't be much harder than doom mapping can it?" Well, it is similar... however I found my self wanting to use some custom textures like I would from doom, so I downloaded Gothictx because it seemed like a nice fit... but all the textures were garbled, and I then remembered that Hexen has a different pallet than doom; whoops. tl;dr; So long story short, I want to know if there is an easy way to make a map for Hexen yet use doom color pallet and textures. Thanks in advance!
  13. Macro11_1

    Hexen mapping?

    Thank you two for the replies, and yeah I worded it wrong; what I should have said was "is there an easy way to map for Hexen yet get the support of custom doom resources easily?" and by that I mean custom textures and sprites... Sorry about that. I was just kind of hoping some one had already done this... I guess ill have to try converting the textures, though it just seems like a bad way to do it, because if I want people to play the level they will have to download a separate texture pack. (+ I haven't even looked at the *.txt file to see if I can use those textures in this way, I mean Modifying them to suit my needs.)
  14. Macro11_1

    What are you watching now?

  15. Hm, you have some good points... and is that last one a bit of sarcasm? In any case, thanks for the reply. I don't have much to add, as you hit it on the head for me.
  16. Lets face it, prevention is the best method, so if the cannable could have been taken alive and an investigation in to what turned him this way be conducted... I think we would all have been a little better off? Though either result is satisfying to me in this case... I just have a nagging question... how can some one turn cannibalistic even under the influence of drugs... Another question is, what if the man was trained? I mean people are not naturally cannibalistic from what I understand, so wouldn't that mean there would have to be some sort of training involved? And to what ends? I really do hope the victim gets facial reconstruction and the proper mental help to cope with the trauma. :(
  17. Macro11_1

    Diablo 3

    So I got Diablo 3, played the shit out of it. I enjoyed the game-play for the first 2 difficulties... I have a level 55 monk. If any one cares, as far as I know the cap for levels is 60. (my gut feeling is that there is an expansion per-planned.) but Diablo has always been about the items, and that is even more exaggerated now. Simply put, if you did not like going over the same area 20x, then do not play past nightmare. (I'm considering stopping with how much trouble I am having in hell.) I liked: +:Revamped inventory (less clutter) +:UI is clean and simple to use +:Malleable Skills +:Improved shops and item drops. My queefs with the game are as follows: -:too short(there are only like 6 randomly generated dungeons in each act, and only 4 acts. Act 4 is the shortest thing ever (feels super rushed and cobbled together.) blink and you will miss it.) -:bad writing and characters(seriously, all the demons sound like super villains from an old cartoon. And all the demons talk way WAY too much.) -:most of the music SUCKS, it lost all its ambiance and went for epic sweeping battle music. -:Cant take hirlings with you unless in single player. -:only 4 players at a time in a game. My bottom line: Not worth the 60$ I paid for it. Hoping torchlight 2 will be better.
  18. Macro11_1

    Polyobject Anchor rotation

    Hi, so I was wondering if it was possible to rotate a group poly-object around an anchor? And if it was possible to do the same with things. and i'm not talking instantaneous teleport, but a translation. If it is possible could some one help me out in figuring out how I would script it? :) The reason I ask is because I had an idea for a map, basically a ring maze. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4f/CircleMaze.png Kind of like that (much smaller scale) and the "rings" are to rotate or shift, moving all the things inside the "ring"
  19. Macro11_1

    Polyobject Anchor rotation

    Kind of Like this: Hope that helps make sense of it. :| [edit] Sorry, ok what I meant by shift was... you could do like 1/8th of a turn. if you design the maze as such the walls all line up like in the picture, it becomes possible to shift the maze with out breaking it. My problem is that I don't know trigonometry very well, nor do I know if poly-objects can rotate like that around an anchor point (the walls of the maze shifting around the center axis). The Trig I might be able to figure out... (though help is appreciated, or direction). Thanks for the quick reply gggmork
  20. Macro11_1

    Avalible Lump Editors?

    So I was looking to unpack Doom2 to mess around with some of the resources today... however I found out that I no longer have XWE and it is no longer supported. I could go download that, but when I heard that it is out of commission... that got me thinking... Other than XWE, WinTex and SLumpEd, what lump managers are available, and how user friendly are they?
  21. Macro11_1

    Avalible Lump Editors?

    I think your trying to tell me something here... >_> But thanks for the swift reply.
  22. Well I have been doing this map in my spare time... been wanting to address the problems the old version had, such as the confusing shoot switch. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_hh4lPrXMZ1NWQzY2QzYWQtNjA5Ni00YWY5LTk4YWUtZTczMzMxMWI2MTU2 Progress :: 80% ish' Screenshots :: Coming some time soon. ToDo List ::- Monsters & Traps, Teleport out of pit, general game-play & visuals - Lighting - Fix crushers - Fix layout & make less linear - Find theme and remove the god damn caves. [UPDATE] So,I have finished the map visually, now all I have to do is add in monsters, moving parts, level flow, items and just general gameplay-e" stuff... I am just wondering... is the level architecture too detailed\different for Free-DooM? Should I take out the Massive Combination door? What should I limit my self to in terms of weapons, monsters, & power-ups considering its slot in the Wad? Just in case people are not sure, I have updated the link. I will post screenshots within the week! [Update Dec 3, 2011] removed 1 lift secret, changed another to be easier to spot. removed lift lines. Put them on the wall instead. added a way around combo door. added secret shoo-table wall.
  23. Macro11_1

    DooM II --Map 04 -- Possible Resubmit?

    Sorry for the really late reply... was really focused on school and as such I decided to put the map on hold. Now that it's nearly summer I am ready to resume mapping it. I reread the last 7 replies, and first off I would like to thank you Wesleyan, your criticism and suggestions are very helpful :). Please continue replying, I really do value your strong input. Also thanks Catoptromancy for your quick look, I agree my re-imagining needs a lot of work. Now that I have had a break from the map, and am taking a fresh look at it, I realize that the crushers are indeed a problem, and I will be thinking of ways to fix it. I also realize that the caves are stupid and I will be removing them, I added them to make it seem like the base was falling apart... but I think i'd need to do a lot more than what's there. I also now understand what you mean when you say the level lacks a theme, and will be looking to reprimand that soon... I really like the crusher-speed idea wes, but I have to ask, by "zombie" do you mean a voo-doo doll? If so then I can see how it would work. I would have to test (and I may do that after writing this post) if I can activate a crusher with a monster... if that is indeed what you mean. I also like your suggestion of making the level less linear... though I also don't like it D:. (damn contradictions) I want the player to never be lost, but I also want them to have room to explore... I think the best solution would be to add extra rooms off to the side and maybe an extra route to a key... In summary: crushers = problem, fix it layout = far from done D: less linear Find theme and remove the god damn caves. Thanks again for reply, ill have something to show in a week or so... (what can I say? I map slow.)
  24. Macro11_1

    ID Games Torrent

    I am not sure if this idea has ever been discussed... but has any one considered making a torrent of Doom wads/mods or something?
  25. Macro11_1

    ID Games Torrent

    Well what about having a yearly torrent? as in something that contains all the wads + mods uploaded for that year? I mean there would be some file redundancy, but if you keep the same structure, then when you download the new year, all the updated files should replace their old counterparts...