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  1. Damn! the only Doomworld member younger than me!

    I'm 13

  2. Here it is! It's only 3 levels so far and I am planning to make it a full 32 megawad! The last level (third level) is very rushed due to the lack of time I had. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


    Tested only in GzDoom

    Doom II IWAD

    A good PC eventually because these levels will eventually have like 2px detail in the later levels and it will fry your PC. (Exageration)

    Doom 64 Graphics just in case you don't like the sounds and graphics!





  3. My first doom map!

    My First Doom Map.zip

    1. riderr3


      Screens to the studio!

    2. Ozijs


      @riderr3 Thank you(?) I sound dumb maybe but can you explain that? Thanks in advance

    3. riderr3