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Everything posted by DoomDiz

  1. DoomDiz

    Maybe this guy doesn't like his job

    I think maybe he works for Lucasarts.......but i dont kno....i didnt beat the erasure
  2. DoomDiz

    Favorite fighting game(s)

    video games?!?! Hell, when we get bored, me and my buddies just strap on some boxing gloves and beat eachother up...its cheaper that way
  3. DoomDiz

    What do you drive?

    The Po's around here drive Intrepids.... anywho, i drive a '96 green sentra myself...its really week and, as governator would say, "girly"
  4. DoomDiz

    HOLY CRAP! (robot)

    boy, i sure wish i were bored and rich like some of these so called "hobbiests"...........
  5. DoomDiz

    The Mouse Problem

    ive got a Kensington wireless optical.....it really sux. It only works half the time, and i ALWAYS lose the damn thing.
  6. DoomDiz

    My sound card makes my computer cry.

    my sound card sux, too....in fact, i dont think the comp even has one. Intel Integrated, maybe? anyway...it has a real hard time running my techno looping sofware.......makes the song sound like crap.
  7. her, hot? gross............she has the face of a 'tard!!
  8. DoomDiz

    Running Doom 3 on a laptop - post your stories here

    I wouldnt try it.... My buddy has the exact same comp and card....its a piece of crap. The 32mb GeForce 5200 card on my Inspiron 5150 can run D3 better than THAT....
  9. DoomDiz

    D3 on a crummy laptop?

    In theory, will D3 run on a laptop that only has a 32 mb GeForce 5200 on it?
  10. DoomDiz

    D3 on a crummy laptop?

    WHOA!!! I just had a look at this laptop, and nothing makes sense. It really does run D3!!! Its a $1500 Inspiron....with that crappy 32mb GeForce......the guys got it running on low quality, but with all the features turned on, as well as anti-aliasing....[insert massivly shocked face here] it runs about 20 fps......man, computers are wierd...
  11. DoomDiz

    D3 on a crummy laptop?

    yea, probly....this guys got a p4 2.8ghz HT or something to that liking.....it kicks some serious ass...
  12. DoomDiz

    D3 on a crummy laptop?

    But i have a buddy who says he can run D3 on his laptop...its got the same specs..........
  13. DoomDiz

    Games that DID live up to the hype.

    Halo is pretty damned good...........
  14. DoomDiz

    Funny gun ideas

    exploding boxes of crunch berries.....
  15. DoomDiz

    The News-Too bad to be true?

    I get my news from the daily show w/ John Stewart............hehehehehehehehe
  16. DoomDiz

    Sound of the Big Bang

    Entropy is NOT connected with the expansion of the universe. It is the same as saying you can reverse the time inside a balloon by deflating it. Besides, The Falcon makes a good point about the nature of time.........
  17. DoomDiz

    Sound of the Big Bang

    Stephen can kiss my ass....
  18. DoomDiz

    Updated My website

    Hello, folks. I just finished doing a total revamp on my DoomPage, including new background music, new layout, and some wads in progress. Check it out at geocities.com/pdisney2003/index.html Enjoy!
  19. DoomDiz

    Favorite Mapper

    Cool. I got mentioned by somebody. Chris Lutz rules!!!
  20. DoomDiz

    Skulltag v0.96b - Preview

    OH BOY, OH BOY, OH BOY!!!!!!!!! I cant wait till that comes out!!!!!!
  21. DoomDiz

    Are you a happy drunk?

    Im a happy drunk. I also seem to retain most of my hand-eye coordination. I designed my art portfolio over a 3 day period, and I wasn't sober for one minute of it.........turned out lookin awesome
  22. DoomDiz

    Atmosphere wad screenshots.

  23. DoomDiz

    There’s always something.

    It seems like no two computers fail in exactly the same way: Example.... I have two Dell Precision 220's at home (yea...its old). They each have exactly the same specificatons, same CPU chipsets, same hardware, same graphics card, they both have the same WinXP Pro. One is a worthless, slow piece of shit with internet connection problems. The other one has never crashed (not counting the time I tried running Fruity Loops Studio); but has many problems with printer and scanner drivers..... Odd, isn't it?
  24. DoomDiz

    Buyin a new computer

  25. DoomDiz

    Game boxes

    I live in a 10x15 "cell".......i want my games to be compact and space efficient.