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  1. Hey, I was really enjoying playing this wad on UV, which was not difficult at all until coming across a small room in E1M2 with two Afrit, with 2500 health each and ohko homing missiles, which I seemingly had to fight with just a chaingun and shotgun? You need well more than a full backpack of bullets even with 100% accuracy to take them out. There's a chance you could even need more than 800 bullets. You mentioned that this is supposed to feel out of place, which is fine, but you should probably provide more adequate equipment for the fight here imo, for people doing UV-max or who may not realise this is a secret exit.
  2. BanjoDave

    Poetry of the Doomworld

    I usually never share my poetry but hell here's one I did last month. There are caves that hide within caves, within a great desert, a dry and bitter place, in which all things die. There is a sea of a different kind, with a sea of its own, its waters turbid and bloody, in which all is silent. There is a desiccated cove, where we hid from the tide’s glee.
  3. BanjoDave

    Baron Door: Trilogy of megawads!

    Amazing how many maps you guys were able to put together, and so quickly, for this gimmick. Some actual gems in there too. And the playthroughs are a joy.
  4. BanjoDave

    Safe Haven.

    So cool. I enjoyed it immensely. Wish there was more.
  5. BanjoDave

    MALAGARD (Single map for Doom II)

    I did a playthrough vid if you would rather watch than play or want to know where all of the secrets are.
  6. Mapwich in January Finish creating a good amount of my megawad. Release a demo at least. Some IWAD speedruns maybe?
  7. BanjoDave

    MALAGARD (Single map for Doom II)

    Hello Doomworld. I've been making maps for 2D games for a while but I thought it was time to expand into Doom. I started learning how to use doom builder late October and am proud to release my first map! This is a 45-50 minute map that only works in GZDoom as far as I know. Uses stock Doom II textures. Difficulty levels available. Jump and crouch disabled. Mouselook optional. Save points are built in to the map so making your own saves is cheating. I tried to keep this map very classic in style, so no slopes or dynamic lights etc were used. I did have to use 3d floors for ceilings in places but that was more due to being naive about sectors and how the sky worked. If I were to remake this I would probably include more void sectors to improve performance. That being said, one of my favourite things about the map is the long lines of sight and being able to see parts of the map that are coming up next. I'm looking forward to making more maps in the future; hopefully I'll release a set of levels next year. I had a lot of fun making this so I hope you enjoy playing and let me know what you think! Special thanks to Bridgeburner's The Hellforge for answering my questions and providing a place to hang out. Thanks to the tutorials on DragonFly's website. Thanks to Arlene for playtesting. MALAGARD.zip