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  1. cyberballz

    Help - yellow !!! marks - dbabrm.pk3

    Thanks. I read about the Eon packs but it did not sugest it was a requirement. I figured the pack would be a replace so i should be right without it. I tried the eon pack and was not able to change weapons.???. Ended up with a couple of map packs from one of your other posts. All good. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am trying to get Zandronum + Brutal Doom + Dont Be a Bitch remastered map pack working. While the game runs i am getting yellow exclamation marks around the maps. I think that i am missing a wad but am not sure what one. Is there any way to know what wad i am missing? Zandronum + Brutal Doom recently downloaded. Using Doom2 iwad. My launch command zandronum.exe -file brutalv21.pk3 dbabrm.pk3 +deathmatch 1 +map dbab01 +fraglimit 30 +timelimit 5 From the console i get a number of errors like Unknown Type 25024 at (-992,15087) ... etc thanks