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  1. VoanHead

    Leaving reviews for wads

    Sadly, it seems to me something cool of doomworld’s that’s been fucked and perhaps won’t ever be fixed is reviews for after 2018 and have to make do with what Endless said as a workaround. :(
  2. Japanese Community Project It’s a small step up in difficulty, but I’m confident that anybody who cleared the iwads will also enjoy this wad as well.
  3. VoanHead

    What can you get banned for?

    Do not take what I posted on the spoiler seriously lmao
  4. awesome. I could never make out where exactly does Thy Flesh Consumed takes place, but this intermission screen almost implies like it’s on earth where some demon outposts have already been set up during the invasion.
  5. I second what MagicMushroomMan said, I wanna see some heretic/hexen inspired weapons, fuck I could even take some inspired enemies as well.
  6. VoanHead

    Thoughts on Dr. Robotnik Ring Racers?

    late reply, but yeah there's an online mode. I got my ass kicked while playing and couldn't get higher than 5th place myself lol. But still it is tons of fun besides being bullshit at times, such is the nature of kart racers
  7. VoanHead

    when was the last time you played the iwads?

    2020 I replayed both DOOM I + II after Doom Eternal, and then replayed Plutonia and TNT in 2021 b/c both turned 25 that year
  8. VoanHead

    Thoughts on Dr. Robotnik Ring Racers?

    Well, I hope you’ll enjoy playing Ring Racers if you ever download and play it. It’ll definitely be frustrating at first, from what I experienced.
  9. Usually, I tend to stay the hell away from the "Everything Else" sub section here, but in this case I felt like it was best to ask this one time: what does everybody on this side of the internet think about DRRR? I'll begin by saying that I briefly played Sonic Roboblast 2 Kart way back around late 2019, this was around the time I was getting really into Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled on my PS4 before it eventually bit the dust the following year. I thought it was pretty cool, but felt the racing felt kinda heavy and corners were pretty tight to take, so I just stuck to mostly playing CTR. Now Ring Racers came out and I honestly pretty much liked it better than SRB2K. It's amazing what essentially a game like this evolved from a mod of a game that uses a heavily modded Doom Legacy engine. The race tracks go pretty crazy since there's a whopping 120+ courses, even more than MK8DX. I think the only drawback to DRRR is that it requires a lot of time and patience to learn the mechanics to master the game, and sometimes during races in can be really unforgiving when you get hit with items and struggle to recover back to the racing position you were holding. As of the time of typing this, I am currently on the Reverse Cup on the Gear 1 difficulty and just chipping at the grand prix to unlock more courses. DRRR I heard is also pretty divisive between the srb2 fandom, and without sounding redundant, what does everyone here think about it so far for those who have played it?
  10. The first trailer just dropped recently, and people already have doubts? I’m just going to wait for any news coming out for more info about Dark Ages.
  11. VoanHead

    im curious How do you play your 32 mega level Wads?

    I think playing wads as is first time around is neat, and if you liked it enough as a replay you could always give Final Doomer a shot alongside with it. Each weapon set is themed alongside a respective wad it was made for.
  12. VoanHead

    im curious How do you play your 32 mega level Wads?

    he talking about the mod but lmao. Every time you get a berserk in a map be sure to inject steroids, gotta really immerse yourself in the game
  13. :( Honestly DE really could've benefited from mod support for its longevity. DOOM 2016 had snapmap, while limited and quality varies, it's still better than having nothing at all. The closest thing now would just have to look at Embers of Armaggedon's addons of Doom Eternal weapons or even Kar En Tuk (whenever that eventually drops) for mods.
  14. VoanHead

    Have you never made a DOOM map before??

    I'm the type to procrastinate. What little maps I have made have just been scrapped altogether. Idk, I guess I don't have much of a creative drive. I have more fun playing maps for the game than making something for the game itself.
  15. I just hope that there will be at least mod support for the next doom game. What DE was solely lacking was like a way for people to make custom user made content.