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  1. VoanHead

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    hey where do you think you're going, think you can just give me that look and then walk away >:(
  2. VoanHead

    Your opinion on Twitter?

    It’s a massive dumpster fire as said before, but at the very least you have the option of filtering out the bullshit by muting certain words and phrases. Now my Twitter feed is just full of memes, vidya gaem news, cute animals, sometimes stuff retweeted by some of you guys that I follow, and posts from my friend circle that I am no longer in touch w/ as much but I get to see what they’re up to.
  3. VoanHead

    What powerup would you want IRL?

    The backpack. No seriously, I need another backpack since the one I have has had the zipper broken :(.
  4. VoanHead

    DBP40: Funnelcake Apparitions

    I have a slight phobia of clowns. So this wad is fitting for the spookiest time of the year and for me personally.
  5. VoanHead

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    RIP Kentaro Miura I haven’t started reading Berserk, it’s on the backlog of stuff I wanna read and get into. However, I’ve heard so many great things about it.
  6. VoanHead

    Retro FPS thread - other games to play

    Quake Shadow Warrior Dusk I'm gonna try getting into Blood soon, maybe during November and try out any fan made maps for it.
  7. Uhh, I’m the paranoid type so I got myself ahold of Kaspersky. Not trying to say I yk torrent stuff but yk, you can never be too safe. If windows defender doesn’t help have you tried Virus total? It’s a website where you’d get a second opinion on wether or not what file you downloaded or see if a sus URL is malicious or not.
  8. IcarusLiv3s streamed this believe it or not! He liked it. I popped up in the stream for the first two levels and dipped so I wouldn’t spoil myself too much, can’t wait to play this soon and give my thoughts here.
  9. Someday, eventually. All good things come to an end. Let’s not worry about that and focus on the now.
  10. VoanHead

    Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v1.9

    Based fix that cleans shit up Based Revenant100
  11. VoanHead


    As it's been said before, a pretty damn ez wad. Even on pistol-start, it's not that challenging, and it's a great wad for beginners. I liked the environment of some of the levels, and the midi pack that accompanies this slaps. Give this a try, won't take you longer than 5 hours to complete it.
  12. Nope. I bounce around a lot with the games that I own. Sometimes I feel like I'm up for some Doom, then I have the sudden urge to play GTA the next day, then on weekends I just laze about and play some easier stuff like Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 (just barely started getting into this). Then there's Quake, A Hat in Time, Enter the Gungeon, Minecraft, etc. If anything I get burnt out from playing Doom after clearing out megawads, I'm just a guy who likes variety ig.
  13. VoanHead

    Are demons a source of food for the man himself?

    Do you think doomguy sometimes finds shotgun pellets or bullets in his meat and spits em out when he bites into one? Or does he carefully extract each and every bullet/pellet in his meat before cooking? A part of me believes the plasmagun and BFG partially cooks the meat, unfortunately it’s a bit too well done for his tastes, since it kinda leaves em charred if you think about it.
  14. VoanHead

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh... M