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  1. battlescroll

    i need help on zandronum.

    zandronum has been a pain in my ass lately and i need help. i cant join a server because my copy of zandronum wont register my doom file can some pls help with this problem. also i tried YouTube it did not work.
  2. battlescroll

    how do i do online coop

    so my friend just got all the classic doom games and i want to do coop with him for his first time play though but how do i get a gzdoom online coop server going
  3. battlescroll

    Post a picture of yourself!

    you look like tony stark
  4. battlescroll

    What is your greatest fear?

    going down a escalator
  5. oh well i thought it was
  6. ok guys i just beat it and ima give it a 3 out of 5 the ending is horrendous and there are just to many difficulty spikes but besides that most of the maps are excellent and each level having a little screenshot of it when you enter is cute.
  8. no i mean like do yall know who the target is
  9. hey for level 3 does anyone know why its called the assassination.
  10. battlescroll

    the resistance. wad ( not released )

    that secret is a easter egg of another doom world user
  11. battlescroll

    How do I minimize the HUD?

    i mean gzdoom lets you minimize the screen size to where it only shows that but with icons
  12. battlescroll

    the resistance. wad ( not released )

    UPDATE : i am releasing level one early so you can have a taste of what is coming. the resistence.zip
  13. i just played a bit and its pretty good althought the pictures can some times not represent the level like in level 2 where it shows the pinkies even though it should have shown the archviles and in level 4 where it shows the inside base instead of the trenches like the level was named after. but besides that its really good.