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  1. battlescroll

    What are your "must have" mods?

    ya i link it to you after school
  2. ok can i use them as a refrence
  3. hey can you give us an example to what we are doing like do we copy and paste the maps and edit them?
  4. battlescroll

    What are your "must have" mods?

    endless madness and smooth doom (only the weapons)
  5. hey can i also get e2m3
  6. never mind can i take e1m5
  7. i would argue that i wanted it first but your sargent mark so you can have it
  8. so wait we just remake the levls or we edit the levels in our own way?
  9. ill probably do this
  10. battlescroll

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    im working on a story mod called the resistance
  11. battlescroll

    Favorite flavor of soda

    mountin dew or what ever flavor it is called
  12. battlescroll

    humiliating the spider master mind.

    a few months ago I made a form asking what is the best way to kill a cyberdemon with out using alot of ammo and it kinda blew up. now im asking the same question again but for the spider demon. so how do I kill the spider mastermind without using alot of ammo? THE OTHER FORM:
  13. battlescroll

    Share a random fact about yourself

    i have been playing doom for at least 9 years (started when i was 5)
  14. battlescroll

    what is the best doom game

    what is the best doom game you have played