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  1. ufon

    LAN in Prague

    We've been having LAN parties twice a year for couple of years now, but none of them was coop/single oriented. So in many ways this was a unique experience for most of us, well i played a couple of duels and lotsa CTF so not much of a change for me, but i liked the different atmosphere and meeting all of our foreign guests was an interesting experience.
  2. ufon

    LAN in Prague

    sounds cool, i hope ill be able to drop in to take a look at you all dooming your asses away
  3. ufon

    BFG Lamers

    strategies, board games played online.........
  4. ufon

    BFG Lamers

    U should also keep in mind that doom wasnt designed for 16 players in one map, or a shitty ping that doesnt allow u to aim your ssg properly. I can see why ppl get annoyed by overuse of this weapon in FFA games, i do too, if u have got 8 players in a level with bfg always easy to grab, then the fun is over, u cant really dodge anything however skilled u are.
  5. ufon

    Team based Doom mod?

    Team mod for zdaemon is done, more or less anyway, check out forums on zdaemon.org. Its now in testing, latest version beta3 with beta4 due out any day now and ,afaik, its to be released really soon. The author is kilgore from BT. Ive seen it and its working really fine, and its so much fun playin. I cant wait for the CTF too !
  6. ufon

    NOS_EVL.lmp !!!

    Lvangundy, very well written. I really enjoyed reading it.
  7. ufon

    How many people play online?

    Jello i think ive seen a guide to DM dooming somewhere around here. Since u never fail to mention how good u r in ur posts, i cant wait to see u on L@Ps to show us ur undoubtebly awsome skills. ;)