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  1. Python_Junkie

    What's your stupidity level?

    No need to displace your own hobbies on to me. Thankfully, I don't fall into the category of "mentally deficient". I wouldn't be the student that I am today if I did. You, on the other hand, with your apparent lack of simple English among other normal atrocities which I don't care to mention right now (since, contrary to what you may think, I DO have quite a life outside this place and the Technodrome, thanks to college) quite frankly are apalling. If your attitude on here is in any way an epitome of how you act in real life, I'm amazed you actually get around. Whatever your problem was in the past, I'm pretty sure it was horrible to go through, but unless for some strange reason I happen to be associated with whatever happened, then there's no real point in gloating over it and spewing eccentric/crass insults at people left and right when, quite frankly, they did NOTHING TO EVEN FUCKING DESERVE IT!!! My posts may be dry, my posts may not be the most eloquent/witty in the world...that in no way calls for insults. Hey, for all you know, maybe I DO have something worthwhile to say on occasion, but honest-to-God I just never feel like letting it out because I don't like writing/typing that much. I usually have SO MUCH to say that I never have enough time to gather all my thoughts and put them down (this post is an obvious exception), so what's the point in saying anything? I'll just put both myself and others to sleep in the process. Funny you should mention that, considering you were once a well-respected and frequent poster there. For the LAST FUCKING TIME...I prefer not to go by any variation of that name. If everyone here wants to call me that, then have my old username un-banned and let me start at a postcount of 0. I don't want that, of course, so please call me Python_Junkie, PJ, or anything along those lines. Compare your posts and my posts over time, you'll no doubt notice that you've been on an "anal banter" more than I have. Case closed. Self-righteousness to the max, methinks. So, you're saying that I'll look like whatever the fuck you said because: - My posts aren't even a tenth as malicious and degrading as yours - I actually know what the word "decency" means, both online and in real life - I don't always have to find the negative side of things in all topics, unlike you - I don't feel like I have to maliciously and angrily twist everyone's words around, however intelligent or unintelligent, into something that makes whoever said it look bad just to get noticed or gain a sense of belonging, or whatever...unlike you - I don't spend most of my free time searching for irrelevant news items and whatnot ("weekly Nazi humor", "Esc Online", yada yada yada) that hardly anyone gives a fuck about ...right? Well, since you put it that way, I'm guess that makes everyone but you a Grade-A Mong. Christ, what kind of a pre-school attempt at an insult was that? Friends in this community, eh? So you're explicity admitting you actually consider a lot of the people you meet here on the forums as "FRIENDS"???? That's...fucking pathetic. I don't care how close I keep in contact with people I meet online, I would never consider them anything remotely close as "friends". To be blunt, I hardly talk to anybody I meet online (I'll delve further into this when I quote your next mindless yammering), let alone call them "friends". As far as "hating" me goes...well, that's their problem, because both you and they are oblivious to the fact that people can and do change over time (I believe the term for that is "maturing"). In case you haven't noticed, I haven't gone on nearly as many rants and raves since I joined under this username, nor do I post as much, because in all honesty I have tried not to let my bad side get out on here since it's rather ludicrous to do so on an online forum. You, on the other hand, haven't changed a bit: with your endless barrage of trite slams and put-downs rivaled in wit only with a golf club, you have failed to show any good signs of being a mature adult who knows when to just shut the fuck up and take everything people say with a grain of salt. Does insulting people give you an emotional boost? Does it make you feel like you're on top of the world? Is your ultimate goal in life to be the one asshole that literally everyone in the world hates and to make Simon from American Idol seem like MLK Jr.? If so, then I suggest finding a board with 20 nails in it, dipping it in raw sewage, standing in the middle of a busy intersection (during an acid rain storm), stripping naked so everyone can see what little manhood you truly have, and then beating yourself upside the head with the board, because apparently that's the only kind of attention/treatment you're worthy of recieving. First of all, starting shit with you is one of the last things in the world I want to do since I'd rather start shit with someone I could actually have fun arguing with. You're just flat-out uninteresting (as your life more than likely is) and not worth even your own dick's time. (Alright, THAT was rather stupid on my part, but hey, you can't win 'em all). Second, here's what I have to say about your PM proposal: remember how I said I'd delve deeper in to the online friend subject? Here it is. I have PMs shut off, with good reason. If I want to contact someone online, I'll do so only through IM software, and I'm never the one to contact them; I let them IM me first to see if what they have to say is worth talking about. 9.5 times out of 10, the answer is "no", so you might as well say that for the most part I leave the IM chat with total strangers/people never met before in real life to lamers. The only people I talk to on AIM or MSN anymore are my family and friends who live far away, and the ones close by I talk to on the phone. If what you have to say is that damn important, talk to me in person or at least in some way I can hear your voice so I know that you're not some really complex chat bot. Third, even if I did have PMs enabled, arguing over such a medium would be even more pointless than what we're doing right now. Doing so not only solves nothing, but it also implies that you truly believe I have a chance at actually "pwning" your ass (as if this wasn't proof enough already). Fourth..."fuckstain"? /me ponders this one...oh, yeah, that's supposed to make me shiver/cry, right? Yeah, I'm crying alright...from laughing at your half-assed attempt at an insult, that is. Huh? What? Where? You must be talking to your imaginary online gay fuck-buddy over in the corner, because I know not of exhibiting such a characteristic myself. Is that so? Well hoo-fucking-ray for you, Scotch boy. Next question: is that ALL you do for enjoyment? You have the gall to say anyone with half a brain wouldn't give a fuck about me when in fact you have NO FUCKING CLUE about my personal life. Let me tell YOU what someone with half a brain would do in your company: DN: Hey! Look at this! I completey told this motherfucker off on a forum! Ain't that fucking hilarious???? *DN's friend gives a blank stare* DN: Well? DN's "friend": [hands DN a 6-pack of beer] Drink this, [hands DN a dildo] and sit on this. You'll be more mellow for it. As if you or I actually take a forum admin seriously these days... Too late. Probably the better option since listening to you is about as enthralling as watching flies fuck. Regret what? That I'm being told off by a guy who's dad raped him one too many times during the puberty you're just now getting out of and who wanks it while jamming to the Spongebob theme and looking at pictures of Jabba the Hutt? You're right, I will regret it, because I'll be totally apalled that some guy who lives thousands of miles away from me thinks he can bruise my ego on the Internet. (And yes, I do see the irony in my own words) For my closing words (as this may be my last post on this board for good, but there's no shame attached to that even for me), I will say to you, darknation, that the kind of fucked up life you live(d) through is no excuse to be a complete and total ass. If I'm not mistaken, I believe those were the same words spoken to me during my Cren days every time I used the excuse of my crappy childhood as reason to be so bitter and spiteful. Consider this post a dose of your own shit and eat it. Regardless of who gets banned because of this, know that any mockings towards me afterwards will be a waste of your time as they both do nothing to me and won't be visible to me, so don't bother. Good day.
  2. Python_Junkie

    T3H S00P3R D00M RPG!!1!

    I wanna be the DoomGuy :D
  3. Python_Junkie

    Zdoom is brokeded

    Then...re-install ZDoom or something...or just defrag your machine.
  4. Python_Junkie

    What's your stupidity level?

    Now that IS dumb...
  5. Python_Junkie

    Not Another Pronounciation Poll

    [insert lollerblades here] You're not the only one who thought that after seeing it for the first time...
  6. Python_Junkie

    What's your stupidity level?

    No, you existed, that's what... Anyway, what I did hurt your mom (not DN's) real bad :P
  7. Python_Junkie

    Let's Play Twenty Questions

    I'll bet I could get Starship Enterprise in no more than 5 questions :D
  8. Python_Junkie

    The /newstuff Chronicles #152

    The effect in Void is the exact kind of effect I was looking for to use in an idea of mine that I haven't gotten around to doing yet (although I would like mine to have a FLOOR!); may I have your permission to know how to make that kind of effect, Cyb? EDIT: as far as getting across the void parts such as those, I just cheat and use the "Fly" console command ;)
  9. Python_Junkie

    Not Another Pronounciation Poll

    Heh, I actually used to pronounce DOS as "Dee oh ess".
  10. Python_Junkie

    How often do you shave?

    And let their pithairs grow as much as Madonna's? EDIT: About "attracting the ladies", don't get me started on that; that's just another modern-day popular preference that more than likely was started by some airhead cheerleader bitch in LA and has now become a norm. Sorry for going on a mini-rant, but you know how much I despise the mainstream.
  11. Python_Junkie

    Not Another Pronounciation Poll

    You've been looking at the link I provided too much.
  12. Python_Junkie

    How often do you shave?

    I've only played the GBA version...when I get my new computer I'll be getting the PC version.
  13. Python_Junkie

    Are you circumcised?

    You missed the joke entirely...
  14. Python_Junkie

    Let's Play Twenty Questions

    Not a new thing...there's a link on bored.com leading to a site that guesses a movie or TV show you're thinking of.
  15. Python_Junkie

    How often do you shave?

    Once a week.