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  1. Turns out I had more to do today than I originally thought; had some reading for history to do, so I read that chapter (excruciatingly), and read another chapter for my Freshman Interest group; found out I had missed a chapter last week, but so what? The class in itself teaches nothing more the college success tips, which anybody with half a brain should know about before they graduate high school in the first place!

    I also didn't manage to get my program done, but I just have one little step to go; I'm amazed I got as far as I did today. Just gotta figure the calcluations for my amortization table, use a loop to output the table on the screen, and I'm done.

    Talked to my mom online a little while ago, and I may be getting a webcam this XMas. Joy...now I can take naked pics of myself and send them to any lamer girl who wants them...God help 'em. (j/k on the naked pics part!!!!!)

    I end my day with the sounds of Skinny Puppy's "Optimissed". Ah, the joy of noise.

    1. IMJack


      Hah, I remember FIG. An hour every Friday essentially wasted. I'm guessing you're doing the two-a-week half-semester FIG course?

    2. Python_Junkie


      Nope, one a week ;)

      I have Richards for my instructor (damn that bastard)...

    3. Sharessa


      Python_Junkie said:

      I end my day with the sounds of Skinny Puppy's "Optimissed". Ah, the joy of noise.