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  1. Got up.

    Went to a few classes.

    Began studying for my government exam.

    Talked with my roommates and PA in the middle of it.

    Went on to my govt. class a half-hour early so I could sharpen my pencils and study some more in the lecture hall.

    Realized there was no shapener in my immidiate vicinty.

    Checked the campus bookstore for one.

    Didn't find one.

    Hustled my ass back to my apartment to ask roomie for a pencil.

    Hustled my ass back to govt. to take the exam.

    Took that fuckin' exam (was easy as hell).

    Returned to my aparment 2 hours earlier than usual on a Monday night.

    Goofed around a for a bit and straightened out my dire financial straits with my dad and granpa on my cell.

    Finished that damn computer program I wanted to finish yesterday.

    Wrote this blog.

    Will continue to browse the net until I'm tired.


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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      lets see, yesterday

      got up

      got dressed, brushed teeth, combed hair

      left for work/school


      went to Subway for lunch

      went to Intermediate Japanese class, ate the most sour food ever (pickled plums)

      went to Gender Roles in Chinese Society class

      went to my Egyption class

      called Jess, she couldn't go out yesterday evening

      went home

      ate dinner

      watched a little Charly Chan with my mom

      played DDR Max2 on my PS2.

      practiced Tsugaru like 20+ times on maniac (consistantly pass with a B now)

      took a shower

      went down stairs

      wrote in livejournal

      converted hentai avi to svcd

      went upstairs

      played Mace Griffin on XBox

      went to bed

    3. Danarchy


      Python_Junkie said:

      Adult life sucks, eh Dan? ;)

      Y - E - S

      I just can't wait until I have to get a job too. :/

    4. Darkstalker


      -Yesterday- No class on Wednesday :)

      Got up
      Ate the same breakfast for the last 5 years
      Practice drumming on bandjam
      Played Neverwinter night
      Got on msn and talked to my friend
      Made the opening scene of my 3d stickfight project
      Ate dinner
      Got my bike and went to by my monthly bus pass
      Got to the mall to see my friend so he can lend me Shaolin soccer
      Got to the 222 arcade and played drummania
      Passed Concertino in blue at advance
      Got back home
      Continue working on stickfight
      Supper time
      French homework
      Play Neverwinter night
      Watch tv
      Take a shower
      Go to bed