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  1. The title says it all. That means I have an extra hour to do whatever the fuck I want to do.

    At 10:00, I start my Calculus homework, though.

    G'day, for now.

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    2. Grazza


      "People never learn lessons from history anyway. At worst, studying history just gives people bad ideas, and they sometimes believe that those ideas just need to be implemented better than when they originally led to a fiasco."


    3. Danarchy


      Who needs a history class when you have the History Channel?

    4. Python_Junkie


      the_Danarchist said:

      Who needs a history class when you have the History Channel?

      People like me who go to UTD...:(

      Oh, and it was cancelled because my professor was losing her voice.

      Here's how it went:

      Every body comes in the room...
      Professor Kuhl walks in...
      She starts writing on the board...
      "I'm losing my voice [blah blah blah]..."
      More blurb about reading assignments...
      Last line = "Class is cancelled"...
      Everybody leaves.

      If only that would happen more often with all of my other classes.