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  1. Ugh, just discovered that WITH a curve, I got a 50 on my first Calculus test...let the rain fall, I say.

    I'm also 308 bucks poorer now that I had to pay my apartment rent...guess it's time to get my ass in gear and find a job (even if that means working at McDonald's again).

    Gotta compile my shopping list; at least I have enough for THAT, knowing how little I need right now.

    On the up side, only 2 more days until I turn 19...but that's still 2 more years away before I graduate out of these "dry" apartments :(

    Gotta finish that shopping list.

    1. IMJack


      Ouch. Allum or Stone for Calculus?

      I had to drop Calc I first semester and retake it second semester. I thought that if I switched professors, I'd have an easier time understanding Stone. Not hardly. :P

    2. kain


      lol. i only had 3 maths. i never had to take it.

    3. Sharessa


      Heh...I can sympathize. My homework assignment for tonight (I think it's last night by now technicaly spekaing) is/was to write a literary alaysis of "The Lottery" (I think a lot of you have read that). Funny thing is...thats about all I was told: "Write a literary analysis". Now I have no idea how to formulate it, my miond is thinking '[ ]', and I seem to have developed narcolepsy. I'm just tearing myself apart for not being able to do this one simple fuckign assignment. I'm almost ready to drop out of college over this. :(