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  1. Anyone who has college roomates will know what I'm talking about.

    For all intents and purposes, and for the sake of argument, let's say I have a very low fixed income every month. This, of course, doesn't count for the little "nest egg" I had after buying books for classes, which amounted to less than 200.

    OK, so this monthly gratuity I mentioned isn't even enough to pay for a full tank of gas anymore (yeah, I'm THAT povert right now), yet SOMEHOW my roomates expect me to pay a minimum of about 65 dollars a month for my "portion" of the electric bill, and that's not including any other expenses I have to pay for my own well-being (groceries, gas, cell phone payment, yada yada)...

    Here's what makes you go "huh?":

    - One roommate's dad is a lawyer, so I guess it goes without saying that his parents would be more than generous to pay a (slightly higher) portion of dough to make up for my loss...

    - The roommate whose name is on the bill knows full well about my situation yet still expects me to pay him back in a week, and even if I DO get a job by then, there's no possible way I'll be paid within that time...(the job hunt has had negative turnout so far)

    What's worse? I'll tell you; the first roomie I mentioned thought it was funny to print out a makeshift contract where both the billpayer and I sign it as if it was a real contract...I was outnumbered 2 to 1, so I had no choice...bleh.

    Like I said, I don't say this out of no effort taken to find a job: twice already have I been told by the last place I applied to that they couldn't fit me into their schedule (I can only work weekends since I have vowed to reserve all my weekday time for studying and such)...I'm filling out more job aps as we speak.

    Other than that minor peeve, life is just peachy.

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    2. Danarchy


      No one said you can't vent.

    3. Linguica


      Now, I neither expect nor want help from someone who seeks for me to pay him/her back at a later time. They're not a bank, so why should I have to pay them back, interest-free or not?

      good lord

    4. Jon


      I haven't stopped you from venting, I'm just trying to drag you back to the real world. I don't know your room-mates but if they are less than willing to help you out for the leccy, it suggests that you have either a) pissed them off by not managing your money properly; or b) pissed them off for some other reason.