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  1. LogicDeLuxe

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    I got an email from haveibeenpwned.com notifying me about that: (domain of my email address removed from quote)
  2. LogicDeLuxe

    DW loads really slow rn (tortard gone)

    I got that with IP And it's still slow for me. Better check if your credentials have been stolen: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Well, the site is extremely slow. Possibly DDoS attack wasn't the actual intention though. Someone is trying to steal our accounts.
  3. LogicDeLuxe

    Midi Samples?

    Most game companies used a Roland Sound Canvas back then.
  4. LogicDeLuxe

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Doom v1.1 at a friend's place.
  5. LogicDeLuxe

    RORDoom source port question

    I didn't know EDGE does support overlapping sectors. Any example maps?
  6. LogicDeLuxe

    Identifying a Doom II CD

    Is it the shareware episode of Doom I by any chance? You might compare it to this: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/historic/dm1666sw
  7. LogicDeLuxe

    Complete iwad list

    How about IWAD not even supposed to be used with the Doom engine? The new Dash Dimension uses an IWAD for its game resources.
  8. Indeed. Several dead ends where removed in all those updates. Also initially locked off deathmatch starts were patched.
  9. You can use subst to make C: an alias for A:, so Doom with -cdrom should end up saving on a floppy disk.
  10. LogicDeLuxe

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Has this something to do with the darker blue they ditched and the beeps they added? I always wondered why they felt the need to change that?
  11. LogicDeLuxe

    Why was the DOS version of Doom stretched?

    Also, CGA was designed to be usable on television sets of the day. They chose 200 lines instead of 240 lines due to the overscan. Eventhough NTSC is well capable of transmitting 240 active lines, what is actually visible on the screen varies with quite some tolerance, thus they restricted it to a 200 line safe area. This is not only the case on CGA, but pretty much on every home computer designed to be used with television sets. Concerning the 80x25 (more often 40x25 on home computers), the charsets were designed to be 8 pixels high accordingly in order to fit 25 char lines in 200 raster lines.
  12. LogicDeLuxe

    Playing PWADs on Doom 2 [GoG version]

    I don't have the GOG version, but you probably want to look at the .conf files. GOG usually has one with "single" in its name which should contain the [autoexec] section. Comment out the Doom line and the "exit" line. That change will launch DOSbox to the DOS prompt where you can run Doom with any parameters you need. You can put the PWAD files in the same directory where doom2.exe is. But why not just use source ports?
  13. AFaik, this is only in rendering, but you usually can't actually walk on those beams. And of course, if you can walk over and under a structure, it is instant moving sectors indeed, which keeps it from being multiplayer compatible.
  14. Also, the reason for room over room not possible is not the 2D map, but the 2D bsp tree. Build engine and Jedi engine also use 2D maps and they do support room over room. Both use portal rendering instead of bsp.
  15. A friend gave me a floppy disk with an early version of WadEd on it. I didn't know what a nodebuilder was, and WadEd couldn't build them at that time. Thus, an attempt is indeed all it was, as it didn't let me do anything useful without completely breaking the map. Nowadays, some ports would just build them themself, I guess, but at the time, I was still playing Doom 1.1.