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  1. Low ammo was intentional. Don't tell me you wasted your shotgun shells on former humans, did you? It still shoots fireballs, and it's location can be quite annoying if you decide not to kill it before moving on. I did add secrets, I just need to figure out how to get UDF to cooperate with me for flagging them.
  2. MAP01 and MAP02, Doom 2. ZDoom. Jumping permitted. Tell me what you all think. I'm probably just going to keep adding maps on to this wadfile over time like a tumor, eventually add custom music and textures, a slow thing really. Enjoy.
  3. I think a ground up remake following the same theme would be better. I sure as hell KNOW I could do it better a second time around.
  4. Forever ago I volunteered to build map23. In it's current spot is what I consider to be a horribly made piece of crap. If ANYONE wants to make a decent map and put it in the MAP23 space, I gladly relinquish any sort of reservation I had for the position.
  5. You're darn right. Anyone can kill zombies and monsters, but any game that lets you do it with your face is a winner.
  6. SYSTEM SHOCK 2 XP FIX CAN BE FOUND HERE: upgrade SS2 to 1.2 and then install the fixed EXE from the downloads section. It works just fine for me.
  7. I only agree with three of those choices on that list. Contra: This is a peculiar series, having both shitty and great titles. But I think putting up the original contra is the best idea, because it was the start of it all, good or bad. Ikaruga: That one was a more that fitting choice. Not because it was pretty, or had a fancy ass japanese name, but because the difficulty of it is somewhere between Testicle Crushing and Eating Glass Metal slug: The game that makes war fun. yay! Now, I'll fill those 7 holes in with more fitting games: Gradius (any) Splatterhouse 3 Resident Evil 4 God of War (Hell yes) River City Ransom Metal Gear Solid (Any of em, but 3 in particular) Aero Fighters (any)
  8. "Hey man, are you wearing a fanny bag?" "No, it's a side pack." "It's purple." "No it isn't, it's indigo." "I suppose it has a little billfold in it, too." "It's called a wallet."
  9. If I'm not mistaken, Cletus Kasaday/Carnage has the symbiote in his blood, not covering him like a suit.... until he bleeds, that is... and that's not very hard for a crazy man like Cletus.
  10. I don't mind enemies taking more than a few shots to kill, really. The ogres and other foes in quake really didn't bother me. Doom 3 was pretty good, too. Of all things in that, some of the enemies could have used a boost in hp (Pinky Demons, Cacodemons) and maybe a slight tightening of the shotgun's cone of fire. And Zaldron's description of Quake was very poetic and accurate. Thank you.
  11. Bully... hmm. You know that very well could be interesting. I'll have to take a closer look when more info on it comes up.
  12. In an interview with John Carmack I read in a recent issue of game informer, He DID state that there will be a Doom 4, just not in the near future, and not by id Software. They'll probably ask raven to do it for em.
  13. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! CUTE! /me forgets about what the rest of the thread was about.
  14. The ssg looks kinda dull, and I see a texture misalignment in the picture too! OH GOD THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END.
  15. I'm very pleased to see that KDiZD has not gone under. It would have been a shame for all of that beautiful work to go to waste. I eagerly await it's release!