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    Dumboy traded my soul for pogs

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  1. In spite of your deepest wishes and prayers to the great green arkleseizure, I'm still not dead.

    In spite of my wishes and prayers to Jebus, I don't have a doom compy yet. I should really keep checking the forums anyway, though.

    Things are looking up though, 'cause my dad is working on getting compy parts so my bros and I can make our own computer.

    /me zaps DoomBoy in the testicles with a cattle prod

    ah.... much better.

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    2. kain


      dude, i am selling computer stuff. just ask what you need.i have pentium 3's pentium 2's, pentium 1's. lol.

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Hurray Submerge. :D Welcome back. :D

    4. dsm


      Seems Submerge has emerged from the surface after he submerged for such a long time :-P