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  1. Yesterday at a CompUSA in King of Prussia, PA, I got to play Doom3 for about 20 minutes.

    I loved every second of it.

    I'm pleased with the Plasma rifle. I like the sound and rate of fire on it. And for naysayers, remember, the Plasma rifle, in Doom 3's environment, doesn't NEED such an insane rate of fire.

    I also was treated to the first appearance of the Pinky Demon, which I absolutely loved.

    'Oh shit! he's gonna knock the door across the room and crush me!'

    *moves against the wall across from the bulletproof glass*

    *demon rounds the corner and lunges through the glass like it were rice paper*


    *kills demon after getting knocked around*

    *turns around*

    "WOW, look at that bloodstain I left behind."

    I'm definitely getting Doom 3 one day.

    1. Alex Dark

      Alex Dark

      I got to try it too.

    2. S1lent


      Ya, the plasma rifle is cool. I just wish the pulses were a little faster.